Rachel has a new EP out!


I realize I’ve been tweeting about it, but I figured I would formally update the site for the first time in a while.

Rachel’s first solo EP is officially out and available on iTunes!  If you haven’t heard it I would seriously recommend you go out and listen to it or buy it.  I also put the lyrics for the entire album up over in the Lyrics section of He is We Fansite if you guys are interested in checking it out.

Rachel also did an interview about what leaving He is We behind and all of that meant for her over here.  I personally haven’t had the time to listen to it yet, but I know a lot of it deals with the fact that she wrote some of our favorite songs like A Mess it Goes, Blame it On the Rain, and countless more.  There were some nasty posts on Facebook, and just to clear the air, Rachel is a great singer-songwriter, and while her new music is a departure, she wrote many (if not most / all) of the He is We songs.  She may not play instruments live, but if you look back she has some really old solo stuff like Radio that eventually turned into the version we know and love today.

It would be great for as many of us to show love to Rachel as possible, because often times a solo EP like this can lead to decisions about how popular the artist will get, and while it’s unfair, the record industry is all about making money and if we don’t see significant sales, it’s a hard decision as to whether or not to fund an artist’s album.

As for He is We Fansite stuff, we occasionally send out tweets that we don’t necessarily post here because I don’t often spend time on the website anymore.  Even if He is We is gone, we’ll always be fans of Rachel and Trevor, so we’ll post about their major releases and all that.  Maybe next time Rachel goes on tour I’ll try and do a photo / interview type thing as we had done in the past, but our chances of getting those passes will be reduced as she gets more popular, and the group familiar with He is We dwindles.  Just know I’ll keep updating you guys on any major new including tours, album releases, etc. for either of them.  

I love all you He is We fans, and I’m glad to have been part of their journey.  Keep in touch!


New He is We Demo / Other Stuff

ImageSo as always, there’s a lot of stuff going on in the He is We camp.  Rachel has been posting lots of stuff on Facebook here and remember you can follower her on Tumblr here.  You can always send a message to her ask box on tumblr too!  

Rachel’s been hard at work working on new music to put on the new record.  If you haven’t checked out her Diamond’s cover yet, you can check it out here, and Rachel uploaded it for free download here.  

She’s posted clips from the studio in NY, and she’s been working with Adam Mitchell who is the guy they recorded the original Old Demos with He is We.

Finally there’s a new clip of a He is We song available here, and the lyrics will be beyond the break for anyone who wants them.

As always if there’s any questions feel free to email us or post on our Facebook page!

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Do you hear what I hear cover by He is We & American Authors.

I know it’s a little early but they FINALLY let me do a Christmas song! The guys from The American Authors came in and helped me make this Christmas song come to life with some banjo magic. They just put up their latest song Believer on their Facebook page. I am addicted and it’s ridiculous. So good. Hope ya like our version of this wonderful Christmas song.