Sweet Stop-Motion Video For Light A Way

A stop motion video I made from the song. I know it’s not very good, and the picture jumps around all over the place, but I worked hard on it. :)
And I think it came out a little girlier than I wanted it to be. :/ Oh well.
Oh! I don’t own this song, or anything affiliated with it. But I do own the journal. :)


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Help needed.

I am looking for someone who knows about Chords & tabs, to help with the Chord & tab section of the site. I don’t play an instrument, or know anything about it really, & would appreciate it if someone who did know what they were doing could help.

If you think you could fill this position please contact me.

Also, if you have any chords or tabs please send them to me through the contact page also. Thank you guys!

He is We @ World Cafe Live Article.

“Delightful” is not normally a term used in a non-ironic manner by music critics, but Tacoma duo He Is We are an exception to this unwritten rule. There is no more accurate way to describe the sound of Trevor Kelly and Rachel Taylor. This may be a bit of an affront to Kelly, who “is into hardcore metal and talks about bloody things,” but certainly nothing he should apologize for Continue reading

The Sound Alarm Interview.

Interview By: Michael Skehan for The Sound Alarm

Mike Skehan: So how is everything going?

Rachel Taylor: Oh my God. It’s going. We just drove 25 hours to Utah. Like, we’ve been in the van for 25 hours straight so I’m a little tired, but we’re super excited for tonight’s show. It’ll be amazing.

M: How is the tour going so far, other than the grueling drives?

R: It’s going awesome! We’ve gotten to meet a lot of people. A lot of the shows have been super unexpected, like with the draw and stuff. It’s been a lot of fun and a lot of it has been really surprising but it’s just super exciting.

M: Surprising in what way? Good or bad?

R: Super good. When we went to, let’s see, Philadelphia, I had no idea that people knew us in Philadelphia. I didn’t even know we had any type of street team there, nothing. When I went and noticed that people were singing along, that was one of the craziest feelings ever. Just realizing that we have no idea how big of an impact we actually have. It’s crazy how many people actually know us and it’s just very humbling and scary at the same time. We don’t want to mess up. Continue reading

Shows Cancelled.

Hello all. Rachel here.

As of last night, I had to make the impossible decision to cancel the rest of our tour with Bobby Long. I am unfortunately very sick- and not the kind of sick that I can fight through on the road. Please know that I will be ok but that I did everything I possibly could to continue this tour. I’d give everything up just to hang with you guys- please know that. I love you all for your continued support. We are working now to reschedule all of the dates that we’re cancelled.

Fortunately, the dates with Andrew Belle will remain on as scheduled. See below (stated directly from management):

He Is We WILL NOT be playing the following dates due to emergency health reasons.

  • Jul 6 -Bottom of the Hill  (San Fracisco, CA)
  • Jul 7 -Anthology           (San Diego, CA)
  • Jul 8 -Wasted Space   (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Jul 9 -Troubador       (West Hollywood, CA)

He Is We WILL be playing the following dates as scheduled (W/ Andrew Belle)

  • Jul 19 – Rhythm Room     (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Jul 21 – Logan Arts Cinema   (Logan, UT)
  • Jul 22-  Velour     (Provo, UT)
  • Jul 23 –  Soiled Dove  (Denver, CO)
  • Jul 25 –  Stubbs BBQ  (Austin, TX)
  • Jul 26-  The Prophet Bar  (Dallas, TX)
  • Jul 28 – Revolution Music Room  (Little Rock, AR)


He Is We – Unknown Song (Piano Cover)

Rachel posted a little cover of a new piano song thats going on the new ep coming out really soon.
I just loved it so i learned it by ear on piano. I know its not exactly right but thats because the actual song isnt out yet. So please enjoy :D
All credit goes to He Is We. i just wanted to post a cover of this song because i love it and they are one of my favorite bands.
Here is the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5QTp2…