Article: Introducing: He Is We.

There is a new duo blowing up the iTunes Pop Charts! He Is We is an indie pop band from Tacoma, WA. We have their new light hearted single, “Happily Ever After” just for you!


Rachel Taylor (vocals) and guitarist Trevor Kelly have been dominating online media sites. They have gained a huge fan base strictly through their presence online. He Is We has over 2.7 million plays on Myspace and 50,005 fans on Facebook. Listen to their new single “Happily Ever After” and tell us what you think!

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Rewritethescene’s Awards of 2010!

We finally posted it! Rewritethescene’s Top 10 albums of the year! 2010 has been a great year for music and we hope the trend continues for 2011. Click more to check out our best of 2010 Awards!!!!!

Welcome to the 2010 Rewrite The Scene Awards. I’m your host, Nick Karp and I will talk you through the awards. We at Rewritethescene Thank You, the readers for sticking around with us for almost a year. I guarantee you, 2011 will be even better then 2010. We will have more contests, news, interviews, and reviews then ever! Enough with the talk, Let’s get down to the awards.

Top 10 best albums:
1. He Is We – My Forever

This is the band to watch out for. In-fact you shouldn’t be watching out for He Is We, they will be knocking on your door and invading your iPod very soon. He Is We demonstrates everything that is right with pop music nowadays. I’ve never been so in focused while listening to an album in its entirety. This quote by our reviewer Christopher Vitale says it all; “…the songs have the uncanny ability to entice a smile…”

Best New Band:
He Is We


He Is We Music Video Contest [WINNERS]

Thank you for being apart of this contest!!! Sorry results were up a day later then i had stated in my video. Holiday’s and having family over kept me from posting :) Hope you had a wonderful christmas!

If you were in the top ten please send your mailing address to with the place you came in as the subject!

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My second entry for Strawburry17’s He Is We – “My Forever” music video contest to the song “All About Us”

I want to give special thanks to my good friends the Havockk’s and DesertDreamers for being in this video!

The general story is that a bored girl finds a letter, and while reading it envisions the contents of the message. The author of the letter; a young man fighting at war, writing to his love, turns out to be the bored girl’s great grandfather.





Fan of the Month: Britney Phillips.

Name: Britney Phillips.

Country: United States.

Age: Fifteen.

How did you first find out about He is We?: I’m a big fan of different kinds of music, and I was searching once before online and I had discovered this band. When I say discovered I really mean discovered, I live in a very small town. I’d go on ranting about this amazing band that changed my life and everybody would be like, who? Another time I was at a church gathering and the church was playing some songs from He Is We and they just spoke to me. They broke me down into this realization of where I was going and they seriously changed me for the better. Continue reading

JSYK interview.

He Is We Open Up About 'My Forever'

He Is We have just released their debut album, ‘My Forever,’ but while their loyal fanbase is enjoying their catchy new songs, singer Rachel Taylor wants to set the record straight. She and her bandmate Trevor Kelly are not dating, and he does not sing on the record. Period.

The Tacoma, Wash. natives met while working in a music shop in August 2008, and built a huge following by posting songs and demos on sites like Purevolume, on which they have amassed over 2.6 million plays. The melodic duo soon signed to Universal, and released their new album on November 22. It quickly hit No. 4 on the iTunes Pop Album chart as well as No. 6 on Billboard’s Heatseeker chart.
But Rachel and Trevor’s relationship is strictly a super tight friendship. Sorry uber fans, but Rachel actually just got engaged and Trevor has a girlfriend. Check out our exclusive interview in which the charismatic singer dispels rumors, talks about He Is We’s single, ‘And Run,’ what it was like collaborating with The Almost’s Aaron Gillespie and what her advice is for aspiring musicians who want to stake their claim in the music world.

JSYK: Hi, Rachel! First of all, we want to say congrats on the success of ‘My Forever.’

Rachel: Thanks!

JSYK: We read that you and Trevor met at a record store back in the day. Was there any initial attraction between you two?

Rachel: No, not even remotely. He’s really small, no offense. He’s not a bad looking person, don’t get me wrong, but I felt more of a connection when it came to our humor. I had just moved to Tacoma and I didn’t have any friends, so the last thing I was looking for was a soulmate. To me, when I saw him, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! A friend!'”

JSYK: I’m sure people think you’re dating.

Rachel: Lots of people do, and I have a promise ring and everyone thinks I’m engaged to Trevor. They’re always kind of intimidated to come and tell us how great we are, or whatever, because they feel like we’re dating and they don’t want to make the other person mad. I just really want to clear the air and let everyone know that he’s got a girlfriend and it isn’t me. Continue reading