He is We performing, Video

“Paperback Writer”.

4 thoughts on ““Paperback Writer”.”

  1. Hi guys.
    What is up?

    I loved this website *-*
    I’m from São Paulo – Brasil,
    I really like the sound of this couple,
    my english is sucks, and i can’t understand completaly the lyric of song
    Paperback writer, if you could send this lyric for me?

    Send to my email cari_nasousa@hotmail.com


  2. lyrics:

    Hopeless romantic, tell ’em you’re sorry
    the problem is they’re not listening
    Try to sew them with the words of a poet,
    they will watch ou burn

    Oh, ohoh!
    Pretty boy’s got himself temper
    No, ohoh!
    can’t take the heat of a paperback writer

    hope I got it all right 😛
    I absolutely adore this song, and such a beautiful sound & where do you lay your head as well 🙂
    I really hope those songs will be recorded soon :]

    I love he is we 😀

    1. I really like them too. However, I don’t think Where Do you Lay Your Head will be recorded. At one of the shows I went to, they asked for requests, and when I asked them to play Where Do You Lay Your Head, Rachel said shoot because they couldn’t remember and told me to pick another song. Additionally I asked on formspring.

      “Rerecording of “Where Do You Lay Your Head”? I don’t know if you guys remember, but I requested it at the Chicago show and you guys weren’t quite sure. Thanks :).

      Bahahahaha that songs sooo old but kudos for knowing it :)”

      We can dream though.

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