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He is We fanlist Email.

I totally sent an email to our fan list reflecting on the past few months. It really was amazing to write, and made me truly realize how much all of our success thus far is because of you guys. Can’t wait for an amazing 2010. Love you all!

Here’s a copy of the email for anyone who isn’t on the email list…

Hey All!
Some sweet updates for you:

We have been working hard on finishing our first EP- It’s coming together AMAZING! We are in the studio with Michael Warren right now (which has been Incredible). There will be a pre order up soon, I PROMISE!

Our newest single, “LIGHT A WAY” is up for FREE DOWNLOAD exclusively on our Purevolume page (, as a part of their 2009 Compilation. They have seriously been incredible to us this year and we have come so far with them in such a short amount of time!! So for that, thank you Purevolume!

We are planning our FIRST TOUR!! And we’re letting YOU tell us where to go (Seriously, that’s totally how we’re booking it! ha); Demand Us at our eventful page:

And lastly, from the bottom of our hearts: THANK YOU! We promise to keep giving ya’ll music as long as you keep listening. It has been AMAZING talking with everyone through this email account; your words have truley been an inspiration to us. Our debut EP will be dedicated to all of you. And as long as you keep connecting with us, we’ll keep writing!

So again, thank you all and HAPPY HOLIDAYS- keep checking our pages for updates throughout 2010 (Wow, Earth is getting pretty old!)

Rachel and Trevor
He Is We

To join the email list make sure to email He is We. []

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