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Video: He is We taking the world by storm.

The two piece band he is we is tearing up the charts on and taking the world by storm. Rachel Taylor And Trevor Kelly’s ability to blend together pefectly has landed them in the number slot on purevolume. He is we is now the number 1 unsigned artists on purevolume 🙂 and i couldn’t be happier. They’re organizing a tour right now. so go to their myspace and demand. “Light A Way” Is Up for download on purevoulme right now 🙂 so go grab a copy =D Seriously. he is we is gonna be BIG! i can FEEL it =D
Members: Rachel Taylor And Trevor Kelly from tacoma washington. They’re taking the world by storm one song at a time. This dynamic duo preforms a wide variety of acoustic music 🙂 at live shows they play with a full band 🙂 which is super exciting ^_^ they’ve written heart melting pieces such as “Too beautiful” and “Light a way” and then they have amazingly fun songs like “happily Eve After” And “I wouldn’t mind” my personal favorite is Radio….so far anways. As far as i know, they’re putting an EP out. they said so on their twitter 🙂

-Via NickTVproductions

2 thoughts on “Video: He is We taking the world by storm.”

  1. Awe, thanks SOOOOOOO much for posting this on your website 🙂 seriously, it means ALOT to me, you have no idea =D pssttt psssstttt. that kid should be fan of the week

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