Fan of the Month, General

Fan of the Month Sample.

Here is a sample page for our new feature Fan of The Month, coming in 2010!

Name: Jessica Karli.

AKA: Jessy, Karli.

Country: Australia.

Age: 18 years old.

Website(s):, htt://

How did you first find out about He is We?: The Scene Aesthetic posted a blog about them.

What is your favourite He is We song and why?: That’s a hard one. I really like “Pardon Me”, “Happily Ever After”, in fact I really like all of their songs! Too hard to choose just one!

Have you ever seen He is We Live?: No, but I really hope I get to one day. it’s a life goal of mine.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I live in Australia, and have 5 younger sisters. I enjoy playing computer and console games, and spending time online. I am a Christian, I enjoy listening to music, and also making movies, and machinima.

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