Fan of the Month, Fan of the month 2010

Fan of The Month: Nick Garcia.

Name: Nick Garcia

Age: 15

Country: United States

Website: (you can find he is we covers on there)

How did you first find he is we?: I honestly can’t exactly remember but sometime back in early spring , a band i had added on myspace (I think Stephen jerzak) posted a bulletin about them

What is your favorite he is we song?: Its a tie between Radio and too beautiful. I love radio because Rachel’s voice is raspy and super amazing. it makes me sing along, even if I don’t want to, the words just spill out amazing and the guitar arrangements are so good. And as for too beautiful, it definitely has a special meaning to me. for reasons im not gonna get into much, i’ve seen a woman in my life get beaten, and my parents always told her she was too beautiful

Have you ever seen he is we live?: you know it! i wouldn’t have missed it for the world. i drove two hours to see them in Spokane, Washington

If you have seen them live please share your experience(s): one day they told me personally, they sent me a message and said they were
playing a show closer to where I lived. i lived four hours away from them. the show they were playing was 2 hours closer. And I WENT! i drove two hours with my friend to see them. But before I went, i made a youtube video about he is we, and sent it to them. And they totally loved it 🙂 they thought it was the coolest thing ever =D when i arrived at the concert. out of the crowd came rachel. she stopped. pointed a finger at me and said “I know you” and she came up and gave me the biggest hug EVER. Then she RAN and got trevor and trevor yelling “its our friend from the internet!” and he gave me the biggest hug. we talked a bit and then i told them we’d drove two hours. and rachel was like “We need to get this boy a free CD” so yeah…she gave me a free CD…..

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I’m in high school and i love music. Life is so much better when you can play guitar and sing. I’m a musician . I play 9 different instruments. I don’t look like it, but im a little bit of a band geek. I like skateboarding and traveling, and jam sessions with my band.

Tell me why I should choose you for Fan of the Week?: Because i absolutely LOVE he is we with a passion. their music seriously puts a smile on my face EVERY time i listen to it. I talk to them often and they are so nice

Anything else you’d like to add?: HE IS WE IS AMAZING!!!!!!! I’m a guitarist, and i’ve attempted to play all of their song. And i COULD NOT learn too beautiful. and my school was wanting ME to play too beautiful at an
assembly, so SOMEHOW. I still dont know how, but my mom ended up getting ahold of trevor through the phone, and oh my god. he surprised me. I was SPEECHLESS. He was on the phone and he gave me the tabs to one of their song because he said “Sense i’m their friend” oh my gosh….. i was SO AMAZED i didn’t even know what to say. I COULDNT STOP SMILING! i was SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY! i was the happiest i had EVER BEEN! EVER! It was the most amazing thing of my life! They are definitely the NICEST and the COOLEST people I have EVER met in my ENTIRE life. Two cool People with amazing gifts. singing, writing, and guitar, they’re like a triple threat. I totally love he is we! they are the cheese to my macaroni. they put a smile on ym face EVERY day, not even kidding. when i listen to them, I smile. I absolutely love them 😀

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