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Rain City Ambience He is We interview.

Setting: The Cake Room at the Puget Sound Christian Center.

Brianna: Okay, so first of all, how did you guys get your name?
Rachel: Well that was actually me.
Trevor: Take it.
Rachel: Umm, we got our name, uhh it’s about basically, I don’t know, I wanted to make sure that the next music project I did, I don’t know, that we kind of blended in with the crowd and it’s basically about how we’re no better than anyone else and He Is We is basically…it’s like we’re all connected. You know, no one is better, no one is separated as much as you’d like to think that you’re your own person…you’re actually connected to a buttload of people in like a community.
Trevor: Buttload.
Rachel: Can I say buttload?
Trevor: You can say buttload.
Brianna: So you had a previous band before?
Rachel: Yeah, just like a little thingy, I had it when I was like 15 years old and then we had this random, I’m from the San Juan Islands and so you get bored on San Juan so you either do drugs, play music or both and I played music. So we started a little project and they’re just little things, nothing serious. So I want to make sure that the next project is something that my heart is into. Yeah?

Brianna: Just so you know, some of these are going to be pretty cliché. How long have you guys been together [as a band]?
Trevor: Uhh, September of ’08.
Brianna: That’s it?!
Trevor: That’s it.
Brianna: Wow!
Rachel: That’s actually where I met him, it was the end of August.
Trevor: End of August, beginning of September, got hired on by Ted Brown’s.
Rachel: They ended up keeping him, ended up keeping me and we met and we talked and figured out that we both wanted to play music.

Brianna: Okay, why do you think so many teenagers admire your music?
Rachel: Because Trevor looks like Jesse McCartney (laughs)
Trevor: (laughs) No I think it’s actually because of the name; because we’re no better than the person next to us, you know, we’re all equals. We’re not better than the person standing on stage or off stage, people can relate to it. Rachel’s lyrics and melodies are so catchy whether you’re listening to the lyrics or not, you’re going to relate to it. Whether it’s catchy to you and you don’t know what she’s singing because she’s singing so fast or it’s because you think that she wrote that song for you. You know what I mean? It’s just like music you can relate to but yet you don’t have to put on this front that we’re better than anybody else.
Rachel: Well, lyrically speaking, I’ve had a pretty cliché high school/middle school girl life, when it comes to boys and not liking my parents, so when I write about that stuff I think the reason teenagers kind of fancy it a wee bit is because it’s totally what they’re going through right now. It’s like “Oh my goodness, she knows what I mean!” So I’ve already lived it and I’m just retelling it in a music form and I think that’s why they kind of find comfort in it.
Brianna: And I think anyone will love it. My 47-year-old mom loves it, soooo…
Rachel: Yeah, that’s cute.
Trevor: It’s like a never-ending story.

Brianna: So where do you get your inspiration when writing songs?
Trevor: Musically, honestly, I listen to bloody metal. Rachel listens to metal, rap, anything really. So musically it’s like a conundrum of everything.
Rachel: Is that the word? Conundrum?
Trevor: I don’t know if that’s the right word.
Rachel: Isn’t a conundrum like something you can’t solve? We’re a boiling pot.
Trevor: Yeah, we’re a melting pot (laughs). Uhh, it’s music you can relate to. I mean, we’re trying to write stuff that’s catchy to us and we like. It seems like so many other bands are trying to write stuff that they, themselves aren’t content with. And we’re trying to make it so we like it just as much.
Rachel: Yeah. Lyrically… [The interview took a little pause while some upcoming events were being discussed through them and some acquaintances.] What was it?
Trevor: What inspires you?
Rachel: My life, movies, which is really weird. A lot of it is just kind of stuff that happens. Not long ago I was walking down the hall just dee dee dee doo doo doo, just humming something and then from there we were just like “Oh, we’re vibing this”. But sometimes it’s just something I hear in my head and then we go from there. As far as lyrics, there’s no specific artist that we look to, it’s more of our day to day life.

Brianna: So which songs are special to you and why?
Trevor: Uh personal favorites, that’s awful. Oh man, favorite song, I knew she was gonna stump me.
Rachel: [Taking over the reins while Trevor thinks about it] Okay, “Radio” is one of my favorites because I wrote it when I was 15 and to see where it’s gotten to now when I’m 19 is spectacular. And then “A Mess It Grows” because it’s what brought us to a full band, it kind of pushed our sound to a whole new level and that was one of the first songs we recorded as a band.
Trevor: I don’t have a favorite, everyone’s gonna read this and think it’s horrible that I don’t have a favorite. If I had to pick any favorite it would probably be “A Mess It Grows” because it brought us to where we are and it’s our first song on iTunes, first release, but when we’re writing we always try to go in with the mentality that “Oh, this next song’s gonna be our favorite.” When you look back in retrospect I mean they’re all…
Rachel: They’re our babies.
Trevor: They’re our babies, so don’t talk trash about them (laughs).

Brianna: I heard from Jeff that you recently went to New York to showcase for some labels. How did that go?
Rachel: It was definitely an experience, it was definitely nerve-racking. It opened SO many doors, it was incredible. We’re still babies to the music world so having that opportunity was incredible. We got introduced to some amazing people who are helping us out.
Trevor: 90% of where we’ve gotten is from that one trip to New York. It taught us take every opportunity you get, you can’t pass it up.

Brianna: Are you in the process of any record deals at the moment?
Trevor: Uhh…
Brianna: If you can’t say, that’s fine.
Rachel: Well we’re headed to New York for showcasing. There’s a lot of talk but that’s all we know. There’s a lot of hype and talk going on right now and we have a lot of meetings but as far as record contracts go…they’re being negotiated right now. They’re in the process.

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2 thoughts on “Rain City Ambience He is We interview.”

  1. Its cool that she listens to every type of music because im the same way, Radio is also my favorite. Thanks for posting this.

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