He is We Just posted this on their Myspace blog.

Hey EVERYONE! So we’re doing our first ever contest. Over the past few months, your emails, comments and messages have inspired us to keep moving forward. From the design of our new myspace (coming soon!!) to the songs on our new EP (also coming soon!!), you’re all truly a part of what HEISWE will become. SO, we’ve decided that before we start designing our tshirts, we want you all to give it a shot first!

Whoever sends us the best idea for a tshirt (feel free to design something for us if you’d like), will win a date with one of us (rachel and trevor)- or both!! (if you’re into that kinda thing)  Not only that, we will send you a stream of the EP before anyone has heard it…free tickets (2) to one of our shows (whichever one you want) and some free shirts (duh). We’ll also sign one of your body parts- preferably your arm.

We will also obviously make the tshirt!!!

Deadline: Feb 3rd
Have subject line read: tshirt contest!!!



I don’t know about you but I am totally excited by this! How amazing would it be to win!!

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