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Breathe lyrics and downloads.

"Breathe" is the newest song He is We have released. You can download it here or here. Here are the lyrics. These were a bit hard to figure out, so I apologise if they're not correct! [Link]


“He Is We offer free song downloads”

For Trevor Kelly and Rachel Taylor of the alt-pop band HE IS WE, writing music isn't really a job as much as it is therapy. "These songs are little stories," says the affable and incredibly down-to-earth Rachel, about finding her songwriting muse when she was 15 (she's 19 now). "These are stories that happened to… Continue reading “He Is We offer free song downloads”

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Old Demo’s Downloads.

OK so here is what we've got for ya'll today! This is a collection of all of our OLD DEMOS, appropriately titled "OLD DEMOS"! You can find NEW SONGS, NEW VERSIONS of your favorites and even a HIDDEN TRACK (Download the entire collection to receive the hidden song- it's awesome, we promise)!!! Look at this… Continue reading Old Demo’s Downloads.