“He Is We offer free song downloads”

For Trevor Kelly and Rachel Taylor of the alt-pop band HE IS WE, writing music isn’t really a job as much as it is therapy.

“These songs are little stories,” says the affable and incredibly down-to-earth Rachel, about finding her songwriting muse when she was 15 (she’s 19 now). “These are stories that happened to me… little slices of my life.”

He Is We’s compilation, OLD DEMOS, is a collection of all the songs that Rachel and Trevor have completed up to this point and will available starting today for FREE at

This also serves as a precursor to their upcoming, as-yet-untitled EP to be released on FrameworkNY in conjunction with a major label to be announced at a later date in April 2010.

PureVolume’s #1 Unsigned Artist of 2009 and the Fastest Growing Band ever with close to 1.5 million plays on PureVolume alone, He Is We didn’t rely on big marketing plans or label budgets to make their mark. They did it completely on their own.

“I was so excited to see that people connected with our music,” she explains. “I was really in shock and I just don’t know what to make of it. It’s exciting!”

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2 thoughts on ““He Is We offer free song downloads””

  1. Just a note, click the download album button, you get (i think) 2 extra songs rather than when you download them individually. Also, the only songs(that i know of) that you cant download is “A Mess It Grows” and “O, Holy Night”

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