T-shirt design Contest winners!

Hey everyone! So ALL (and we mean ALL) of the designs we’re incredible. We have some amazing ideas of what to do with them… we seriously can’t let them go to waste (I think we all can agree!!). Possibly turning some of them into posters, tshirts in the future, EP covers, soo many ideas.

But without further adu…here are your 3 winners (or tshirts at least)!!

(Chantale L.)

(Graham Goebel)

(Graham Goebel)

Again, thank you to everyone who submitted. Those last two shirts are going to go well with the single off our EP coming out next month(hint, hint). And one of the other finalists actually made the EP Cover!!! This was so exciting for us to look over…soo many goosebumps 🙂

Stay tuned for more goodies!
rachel and trevor

What do you guys think of the winning designs? I like the first one. I don’t really like the second two. But I’m looking forward to what they do with the other designs!

1 thought on “T-shirt design Contest winners!”

  1. I quite like all three although I wish they’d print them on “strappy” or tank tops as I don’t really wear t-shirts.

    The voted for some others though. I wonder what one they chose for the EP.

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