Fan of the Month, Fan of the month 2010

Fan of the Month: Kaitlin Muro.

Name: Kaitlin Muro.

AKA: Kate

Country: USA

Age: 16


How did you first find out about He is We?: I think I found out through Purevolume. Let me just say that I fell in love from the first song to the last. I love every single one and can’t wait til they come out with more. 🙂

What is your favorite He is We song and why?: I am a fan of all of their songs & love all the lyrics but two that I particularly like are His Name & I Wouldn’t Mind. (Oh wait let’s not forget Happily Ever After! 😀 ). All their songs sound like they are deep and from the heart & that’s one of the things I love about their songs. But I would have to say a favorite would be their new song, Light A Way. It’s just one of those songs that makes you think.. about a lot. I love songs that make you think about the lyrics and what stories could be hiding behind them.

Have you ever seen He is We Live?: No I wish!! :C i want them to come to CT really bad! :p i would drive any amount if they came to the east coast!

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I like graphics and photography. I am getting into art more and more with each passing day. Music is my life and inspiration. He is We inspires me every time I listen to their music. I would really love to meet them some day. It would mean the world to me to meet the people who write such beautiful music.

Tell me why I should choose you for Fan of the Week?:
It would mean a lot to me to be chosen because I don’t know of many bands that I have felt this strongely attached to. Their music makes me so happy and my goal for this year is to see a show of theirs. So all in all, I am just another fan of theirs but it would make it even better to be a fan of the month. thanks:)

Anything else you’d like to add?:
I think I’ve said all I’ve had to say. 🙂 wait.. maybe I will make a t-shirt or a graphic for them or something 🙂 every band needs merch:D I hope to do that someday. Thanks for reading this if you’ve read the whole thing! I love He is We and everyone else should too! Peace.Love.Music 🙂

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