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The Sound Alarm Interview.

Interview By: Michael Skehan for The Sound Alarm

Mike Skehan: So how is everything going?

Rachel Taylor: Oh my God. It’s going. We just drove 25 hours to Utah. Like, we’ve been in the van for 25 hours straight so I’m a little tired, but we’re super excited for tonight’s show. It’ll be amazing.

M: How is the tour going so far, other than the grueling drives?

R: It’s going awesome! We’ve gotten to meet a lot of people. A lot of the shows have been super unexpected, like with the draw and stuff. It’s been a lot of fun and a lot of it has been really surprising but it’s just super exciting.

M: Surprising in what way? Good or bad?

R: Super good. When we went to, let’s see, Philadelphia, I had no idea that people knew us in Philadelphia. I didn’t even know we had any type of street team there, nothing. When I went and noticed that people were singing along, that was one of the craziest feelings ever. Just realizing that we have no idea how big of an impact we actually have. It’s crazy how many people actually know us and it’s just very humbling and scary at the same time. We don’t want to mess up.

M: Yeah. If you Google the band name, one of the top results is a fan site for you guys. People definitely know who you guys are.

R: It’s weird. It still doesn’t really process for me. I try not to think about it, it’s a little overwhelming.

Read the rest of the interview [here].

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