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His Name by wearehistory

Another band of this “genre,” I guess that’s what you would call it when it’s a primary acoustic band with female vocals, named wearehistory covered He Is We’s song “His Name” on youtube. I was just talking about these twins from Lund, Sweden on the forums over at He Is We Online so it seemed a little weird, but I’m glad they did because it sounds so good. It’s actually only one of them playing/singing in this video(Mille),  but both are amazing.

3 thoughts on “His Name by wearehistory”

  1. AWWWWW. I was :”””(
    seriously, that was really sweet of you and ehum ! that was me not Mi covering the song 😉
    nah, jk. thank you for the support and that means the world to us <3<3<3
    /mille, wah

  2. Hey! i was wondering if you guys knew anything about this song. Like the songwriter, perspective in the writing, Christian connection … anything? any thoughts from anyone would be great!

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