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All Kinds of Album News!

“My Forever” will be released on Nov. 23rd! My thoughts after the juicy bit:

My Forever Tracklisting:
1. Forever And Ever
2. All About Us (featuring Aaron Gillespie)
3. Everything You Do
4. And Run
5. Happily Ever After
6. Kiss It Better
7. Prove You Wrong
8. Blame It On The Rain
9. Love Life
10. Fall

First, I saw this over at Absolute Punk and saw the word “digitally.” I surely hope they release it on CD also or they won’t be getting a sale from me sadly as I do not purchase digital music online through anything like the zune marketplace or itunes or the like. Also, I don’t know if it’s just me or what but I’m not really feeling the cover to much for some reason. Maybe Ms. Karli will provide her opinions of the album.

UPDATE: I have received word that there will be a physical version coming out at some point. Straight from the email: “digital at first since we wanted to get it out ASAP. physicals will be coming after new years hopefully?” Thank you to whoever is running the email!

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