Album Release Date!!!

Hello all,


This has been such a long process and I can’t even express to you how long we’ve been wanting to send this email. Since we first began HE IS WE, we would have never thought to be where we are now. You have grown up with us from our OLD DEMOS, to our first ever release. I have such incredible relationships with so many of our fans- It has helped me write, create and shape what this band is today. We owe you for everything.


So we don’t want ya’ll to wait anymore! Our DEBUT ALBUM, “MY FOREVER”, is officially out (digitally) on NOVEMBER 23RD!! We are so excited for everyone to hear it. Please check your email practically every day this month (fo’ real!) as we will be streaming singles from the record a bunch!


Check the album cover and track-listing right now on ABSOLUTE PUNK!


Oh and check our FACEBOOK ( for our first stream of the song AND RUN (available for stream soon!)



We’re still on tour with THE ROCKET SUMMER. We’re about to hit the west coast full on, so check these dates out if you wanna come hang!


11/08/10   El Corazon / Seattle Washington

11/12/10   Thee Parkside / San Francisco California

11/13/10 The Glasshouse / Pomona California (Sold Out)

11/14/10 Chain Reaction / Anaheim California (Sold Out)

11/15/10    Troubadour / Los Angeles California

11/16/10    UCSD-The Loft / San Diego California

11/17/10 Club Congress / Tuscon Arizona

11/18/10 The Launchpad / Albuqurque New Mexico

11/20/10 Marquee / Tulsa Oklahoma

11/21/10 Conservatory / Oklahoma City Oklahoma

11/23/10 Stubbs Bar-B-Q / Austin Texas

11/26/10 Bronze Peacock / Houston Texas

11/27/10 The Prophet Bar / Dallas Texas


This month will be the most exciting, nerve-racking and accomplished month of our lives. Please join us 🙂


Love always,

Rachel and Trevor

He Is We


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