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Two songs from “My Forever” lyrics added.

Lyrics for "And Run" & "All About Us (Featuring Aaron Gillespie)" have been added.

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All About us on Myspace soon.

‎"All About Us" (featuring the wonder Aaron Gillespie) will be streaming on our myspace in 10 minutes!!! Who's slow dancing right now? Trevor and I are deff not...ok maybe a little. []. -He is We Facebook.   EDIT: ‎"All About Us" (Featuring Aaron Gillespie) is up for stream!!! Ok, now i'm dancing. Don't judge.

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Fan of the Month: Paula Allen.

Name: Paula Allen. AKA: Alyana, which is my middle name. Country: Guam, USA. Age: 14. Website: How did you first find out about He is We?: I was on youtube, watching music videos and when I saw this video , I NEEDED to know who this song belongs to and who owns this… Continue reading Fan of the Month: Paula Allen.

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First Stream from “My Forever”: And Run.

Hello everyone! As you all may know, we will be releasing our new album, "My Forever", online 11/23! You can hear a full stream of the first song on our Facebook page! It's called "And Run!" ( There is also a trailer for our album on YouTube. Check it out! We like being ridiculous, sorry 🙂 (… Continue reading First Stream from “My Forever”: And Run.