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After the Press Interview.

Interview: He Is We

With the duo recently signing to Universal Motown, Alter The Press! thought it’d be ideal to speak to one half of He Is We, an alternative pop duo from Tacoma, Washington. Compared to the likes Eisley and She & Him, He Is We were the number 1 unsigned artist on last year and earlier this year played SxSw and Bamboozle.

The duo are now working with producers Casey Bates (Chiodos, Portugal. The Man), Aaron Sprinkle (The Almost, Eisley), and Dan Romer (Ingrid Michelson) on their new album.

Guitarist Trevor Kelly talked about signing to Universal Motown, what can we expect from their début full-length and more.

Alter The Press!: Firstly, congratulations on being signed to Universal Motown. How does it feel to be a part of a major label?
He Is We: If I had to sum it up in one word the feeling would be “surreal”. It seems just like yesterday we were making YouTube vids in Rachel’s basement, and now were signed and are excited to take the next step!

ATP: Was the decision to move to a major an easy one to make?
HIS: Absolutely! No second guessing that decision from either of us. We both agreed that music is what we wanna do for the rest of our lives, so it was a no-brainer for us both.

ATP: You have an album in the pipeline – what can fans expect from this release? Does it stray at all from the ‘Old Demos’?
HIS: Expect the same ol’ same ol’ Rachel and Trevor nonsense! One song may be acoustic and then the next a hip hop beat with Rachel “rapping” over it, but
I assure you, it doesn’t stray too far away from our old stuff, just more progression with the same amount of love poured into it!

Read the rest of the interview here.


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