He is We Fansite Positions.

There’s a lot of work to do when you run a website & sometimes I find it hard to keep up with maintaining this site. I do have some help from Cody, but I still find I fall behind.

& sometimes things happen like I get net capped, & can’t even use the internet very well. Or The internet decides to not work (I think it’s our old modem).

Or sometimes there is personal drama & issues, & maintaining the website isn’t a high priority.

So because of this, I was just wondering, If I were to open an Author position, would anyone be interested in doing it?

Basically means you’ll be able to add posts, & edit your own posts. But you can’t edit pages, or anyone else’s posts.


6 thoughts on “He is We Fansite Positions.”

  1. sounds like a good idea, just make sure you give it to someone you can trust and will actually keep up with it. i love he is we, they are my favorite band in the world, so if no one better comes along, i’d love to do it ♥
    plus, i’m often on this site, or there’s or there twitter etc… because i like to check up daily for new things.

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