The Gunz Show Interview with Rachel from He is We (Tour Info Kind Of and more)

So, here is a log of most of the conversation. Inside are some thoughts of Rachel’s and a little bit of info about what He is We will be doing in the future.

Note: It’s extremely long. More beyond the break.

The Gunz Show 11/24/2010

Gunz: Everyone stop what they are doing now and focus, cause I’m stoked to welcome back to the show, one of my favorite interviews that I’ve done probably in the past year or so involved this person, her name is Rachel, and she is from the band He is We. Hello, how are you?

Rachel: I’m rad, I can smell tacos from my room and I’m stoked on it.

Gunz: That sounds delicious; I can smell beer from my breath so I’ve got that going on. Do you want in?
Rachel: No, not necessarily, I think that tacos are much more filling.

Gunz: The last time we had spoken to you, and that was the first time I had spoken to you, you were doing the interview literally from the closet. Lying on the floor. So that was always an interesting way to meet you…. in the closet.

Rachel: Well….. I’m out now.

Gunz: She’s fully out! Let’s talk about what’s been going on. By the way new album, let’s start with that. It’s incredible and it’s actually tearing up the charts right now, which is crazy, it’s doing really well.

Rachel: Yeah….it’s actually kind of stupid how it all happened. I’m not going to lie to you, it literally was released on accident because iTunes was taking a holiday, and so they released it about two days early, then we found out that night. So I’m like holy frick. We had to do the twitter, everything, because all of our fans are just waiting till the 23rd. And so out of nowhere the next day, it’s already on the charts, and we are just like OMG. It was really cool and extremely random.

Gunz: No way to really plan for that when that happens. Were you guys pissed that it happened that way?

Rachel: Um, no I wouldn’t say pissed. It was more like you know we had a whole game plan. We were getting our nerves ready, because we’re all nervous this is our baby and we’re putting it out for the world to judge, you know, and to buy and everything like that. So it was just kind of nerve-racking. It was almost like when someone pulls off a band-aid and they don’t count to three, like they do it on two instead, and your body is not ready for it. But, it doesn’t hurt as bad. I don’t know how to explain it. It was like we didn’t have time to be scared about it.

Gunz: Yeah it just happened. The reception has been great for it. You hit it all over the place, PureVolume, I know you rip it up there. It’s . It’s also Um thanks for twatting me overnight saying we had a date. I loved it, it was perfect. Really appreciate that. I’ve been playing you guys once a week for about a year because I think you guys definitely have a unique sound. Describe what this new album entails? I’ve been fortunate enough to hear it, and I think it’s awesome. We don’t use the word maturity here on the gunz show, so avoid that. But did you guys have more time with the recording and writing project, just how did it go?

Rachel: Yeah mature is not a necessary word. Definitely a more comfortable He is We. We felt much better working with different producers. We were more experienced when it came to song writing, and we were allowed to use different instruments. So this album is definitely a He is We that felt more comfortable in its skin and was able to have access to more incredible producers. Just different backgrounds of producers as well inspired the sound of this record.

Gunz: Kind of like how every musicians dream. You’ve been busting your ass for years now growing up with music lovers. And now, all of a sudden, you have all of these outlets to be able to put together sounds that you had in your mind, but were never able to, in the past, record.

Rachel: Yup.

Gunz: You’ve been touring a lot recently, most recently with our buddy Brice, from the Rocket Summer talk about that. I mean, that was a great tour, especially for right before this album drops.

Rachel: It was awesome.

Gunz: Bryce rules, he’s a bit of a perfectionist, but he rules.

Rachel: They are awesome and so funny, that entire crew. His guitar tech would come over and came up with the term rage, we would rage, which usually means just talk, actually, pretty much about everything. I mean, they would just be stoked and talk till like four o’clock in the morning. And Bryce and his wife Tara are the sweetest people you will ever meet. It was awesome.

Gunz: And you hit up pretty much the entirety of the country. And there was a whole different audience, larger audience. But then, something happened. Talk about what happened.

Rachel: I just got sick. I was a born early, and it took out my repertory system. So I’ve had pneumonia about 10 times now.

Gunz: So you had to take a few dates off the tour to get better?

Rachel: Yeah, it was nasty. We had our Yellowcard show , I had a fever, I had an anxiety attack, and they rushed me to the ER after we played, I couldn’t not play. So we finished the show, rushed me to the ER. Got out of the ER at about 1:00 AM, had a music video shoot at 3:00am. And then a show that night at 7:00. It’s ridiculous, I’m dedicated.

Gunz: Hey, you don’t have to prove that to me. I support that. I also wanna thank you because since last time you came on I had your number, and had been texting it horrible wasted things from time to time because I’m wasted and think it’s funny, only to find out it’s some random Indian dude from Pakistan or something.

Rachel: Yeah…… poor guy. I’m sorry I forgot to tell you I got a new number. But I’m sure he lovin it right now.

Gunz: This new album, let’s talk about the first song able to be released from it, featuring Aaron Gillespie, All About Us. Great person. How did you meet him, how did you know him. Cause he adds something to this, the melody on this is incredible, I love it. It starts off with you, and goes back to chorus, and comes back to him. Everything.

Rachel: Thank you. I actually had just gotten out of the ER, a different night. I had a guitar, and wrote this song in my room. Then we went to the producer, and told him I felt it as a duet. This producer happened to be Aaron Sprinkles (sorry if that’s a horrible misspelling or anything), who works for Tooth & Nail, so I asked him if he knew anyone to let me know. And Aaron Gillespee heard the song and sent Rachel a try of his first idea, and then I had to call him, and tell him personally that I needed it to be different. One of the scariest things I have ever done in my entire life. Had to call this man, who I had looked up to, and let him know….. sorry, you have to try again. It was horrible. It was so scary for me to do that. I think I held my composure. I called and was like “hey this is Rachel…. I just wanted to talk to you about that song…. Umm…” Which is me trying to be confident.

Gunz: Well it all seemed to work out. Did you guys actually meet each other?

Rachel: No, it was all online. He was in Florida when we were recording. Then when he was in Seattle, we started tour.

Gunz: Well that should be a fun location for when you guys actually meet for the first time.

Rachel: I know, I hope we can do a music video for it. I can see it in my head and I really cross my fingers that it can be a rad music video.

Gunz: (Reintroduces Rachel for people who just tuned in) she’s really excited for her tacos. This album must be a surprise for how many plays its getting, wherever it is. I’m kinda surprised, because as I mentioned earlier, you’ve been working for for many years, and it’s crazy to go from all acoustic to the full band. When did that last album come out?

Rachel: A while ago.

Gunz: You guys come back, and were like bam, awesome. I’m just trying to stress to the audience this album is awesome, you need to buy it. If people wanna see you, what’s coming up for you guys?

Rachel: I think we’re perfecting the full band stuff. We’re doing a lot of college dates with Barcelones. Someone said that was announced, if it’s not it is now. I don’t know the exact dates. It’s kind of in the making, depending on how this album does in the first weeks. We’ll be touring, I’d say, at the beginning of the year for sure.

Gunz: Do you drive in the van?

Rachel: No, absolutely not.

Gunz: Good, that would be horrible.

Rachel: No absolutely not. I don’t have my prescription glasses, so I literally can’t see anything, so all hell breaks loose. IF I turn really quickly, my left eye needs a little poke on the shoulder to know what’s going on.

Gunz: That is awesome, I am looking forward to that. You make great first impressions. How’s seattle?

Rachel: Holy snowballs, it’s cold and gross here. I’d like to thank everyone for how well everything is doing. My manager has been calling me, updating me on what’s been going on. My dad’s been texting me and saying everything. He keeps me updated, I don’t check the stats. I can’t believe everyone is actually supporting us. It’s one thing to say on a wall, hey I can’t wait for your album to drop, and another to see people actually buying it.Gunz: What is your favorite lyric off the new album?

Rachel: I would say the song Forever and Ever.

Gunz: Have you answered that before, that was a quick response.

Rachel: Nope, I’m just on my feet.

Gunz: Having said that, what is the favorite lyric

Rachel: The chorus of forever and ever. (“You’re my air, when I feel I can’t breathe. Catching me when I’m tripping over my feet. You’re my smile when I just want to cry. Make it all better when you kiss my sad eyes.) It’s really cute.

Gunz: Yeah, I think I could get laid using those lines.

Rachel: You’re the third person to tell me that!

Gunz: Really? Damn.

Rachel: I wish you all the best of luck.

Gunz: I will be calling you, thanking you during.

Rachel: I hope my Dad is listening to this!

Gunz: You definitely wrote this song with the intent of people hooking up during it right?

Rachel: Yeah….. I think of myself as the most incredible wingman. IF you use my lyrics, you don’t need eHarmony, you don’t need Facebook, you just need to get to that bar and quote my music.

Gunz: I will do that as soon as the Gunz Show is over.

Rachel: I’m telling you, I do this for people like you, at the radio.

Gunz: Excuse me, I am a stud.

Rachel: Yeah….

Gunz: I’m tired of being abused, so I’m going to end this interview with Rachel.

Rachel: I’m sorry. I actually googled you not too long ago.

Gunz: Oh no. You saw my face? I’m pretty good right?

Rachel: I dunno, your hair is wonderful.

Gunz: OH GOD, it depends what phase it was in.

Rachel: It was the shortish on the side longish on the top.
Gunz: I don’t know I am okay….. alrighty then.
(Realize it’s a picture from six years ago.)
Okay then…… awesome. I don’t know if I want to meet you in person any more.
Rachel, you are a great American.
Rachel: Why thank you.
Gunz: Enjoy Seattle, I-80 rules, The Summer Set has been stuck on that highway like 3 times.
Rachel: No….. there’s I-90.
Gunz: That’s probably it….. I hope you get stuck there by yourself. The new album’s awesome pick it up. Bye Rachel.
Rachel: Bye

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    1. Yup, unfortunately the show was cancelled : [. I’m really sorry. They are great, and I hope you get to see them in the future.

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