Fan of the Month, Fan of the month 2010

Fan of the Month: Sierra Dawson.

Name: Sierra Dawson.

Country: United States

Age: 17

How did you first find out about He is We?: Rachel Taylor is from Orcas, a small island in the Puget Sound. I am just a ferry ride away. I first heard He Is We three years ago at a small-town concert in my local Presbyterian Church. I had heard of them, but hadn’t heard any of their music. Let’s just say after that concert, I was HOOKED. I can barely go a day without listening to them.

What is your favourite He is We song and why?: My favorite He Is We song would definitely have to be I Wouldn’t Mind because I love not only the lyrics, but the melody. I love singing. I sing along to any song. Singing along to He Is We however, is my favorite thing I can do!

Have you ever seen He is We Live?: Yes, this January will be my third time! (: Let’s just say I love being the neighbor to Rachel Taylor’s hometown.

If you have seen them live please share your experience(s): Hearing them for the first time, I had no real previous knowledge of them. Rachel SHOCKED me not only with her stage presence, but her beautiful voice. Add in Trevor Kelly, and you have yourself a beautiful thing. I cried the first time I saw them. They are the most charismatic, courageous, risky band I have ever seen. The second time, I had been listening to them on myspace and purevolume every day since the last concert, so I knew all their lyrics and only appreciated them MORE!

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I live on this tiny little island right next to where Rachel Taylor grew up. I love singing, writing, drawing, biking, swimming and painting. I’m an artsy girl. I love my step-sister (also a big He Is We fan) and I love good music.

Tell me why I should choose you for Fan of the Month?: I should be Fan of the Month because I literally think I am their biggest fan. On my island and in my high school, I am actually known as ‘the girl who loves He Is We.’ I love not only their music, but I love Rachel and Trevor as people.

Anything else you’d like to add?: Hearing He Is We’s music is actually on of my favorite things to do. I have never loved a band and felt so strongly relatable and passionate about their music. Every word and every note is just beautiful.

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