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Rewrite the Scene review ‘My Forver’.

Out of Tacoma, Washington, emerges a beautifully balanced chemistry of lyrically impassioned vocal melodies paired with simple, heartfelt, and tasteful songs. The major-label debut by HE IS WE, entitled “My Forever”, is a blend of cozy, sunny day songs, with noticeable amounts of smiles and love. The majority of the songs have the uncanny ability to entice a smile out of the worst of days.

The first track “Forever and Ever” features a simple hook sprinkled with peaceful harmonies and a beat to nod your head to. The next “All About Us” is a mellow love song. Again, we are met with the soothing sound of an ingeniously simple melody paired with the relaxing instrumental. Its the warm your heart up love song.

“And Run” is a much more upbeat feel. I dare you to try to keep your foot from tapping in the intro of this song. Individuality is the message of this feel-good get up and do it song. The next tune, “Blame It On The Rain”, has very simple flowing instrumentation with great melodies. Without a doubt, this is definitely a winner on a rainy day.

Another one of my personal favorites, “Everything You Do” is the most challenging song on the album. By challenging I mean very hard to keep from tapping, grooving, and singing along to. At this very moment, I can’t help but hum along to the harmonies. A feel good love song is just what this album needed halfway through.

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