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Email from He is We.

Hello all.

I’m going to be a little emotional (Disney movie style), so I hope you’re prepared.

This year has been life changing- more than you could ever imagine. Just a year ago, we officially started this incredibly exciting, scary, emotional and fulfilling journey. But we we’re never alone. If you are reading this email, it is because you lifted us to where we are today. From “DEMOS” to “MY FOREVER”- everything we have become, is because of you. We’ve met so many of you guys on the road (and will continue to do so)- your support has been inspiring. Trevor and I feel like we’ve built such close relationships and even amazing friendships with so many of you.

In 2011, we want to meet every one of you- tour oversees- record more songs and build even stronger friendships. Oh and we want to tweet more- it seems fun. January is jam packed with goodies (including the acoustic version of MY FOREVER!!)…so be on the look out for that!!

This year goes out to every single one of ya’ll for changing our lives. Have an amazing new years eve- and let us continue this journey together.


Rachel and Trevor
He Is We

^hype the twitter! 🙂

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