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Rewritethescene’s Awards of 2010!

We finally posted it! Rewritethescene’s Top 10 albums of the year! 2010 has been a great year for music and we hope the trend continues for 2011. Click more to check out our best of 2010 Awards!!!!!

Welcome to the 2010 Rewrite The Scene Awards. I’m your host, Nick Karp and I will talk you through the awards. We at Rewritethescene Thank You, the readers for sticking around with us for almost a year. I guarantee you, 2011 will be even better then 2010. We will have more contests, news, interviews, and reviews then ever! Enough with the talk, Let’s get down to the awards.

Top 10 best albums:
1. He Is We – My Forever

This is the band to watch out for. In-fact you shouldn’t be watching out for He Is We, they will be knocking on your door and invading your iPod very soon. He Is We demonstrates everything that is right with pop music nowadays. I’ve never been so in focused while listening to an album in its entirety. This quote by our reviewer Christopher Vitale says it all; “…the songs have the uncanny ability to entice a smile…”

Best New Band:
He Is We


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