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2/1=Big Day for He Is We‏.

Hello everyone!!

Tons of news to share with you! 2/1 is a big day for us.

First of all, we will be putting up a NEW MERCH STORE at Not only will we be putting up new shirts and goodies, but you will be able to PREORDER A PHYSICAL VERSION OF MY FOREVER! You will also be able to get everything from our new merch store at one of our upcoming shows!!

On 2/1, we will also be streaming 4 Acoustic Songs from My Forever exclusively at PUREVOLUME.COM! These turned out AWESOME and take us back to when we were first started writing songs together. A video for Blame It On The Rain will be posted on our Facebook page today!. (

Incase you’ve been hiding the past few weeks, we’re about to go on tour!  A few shows with Barcelona and Lady Danville and then a bunch of dates on the Love Is All Around Us Tour with The Scene Aesthetic, Carter Hulsey and Plugin Stereo. Go to for details about all of that business. We know we aren’t going to make it to every city on this tour…but we want to tour out butts off this year and hang out with as many of you as possible. If you’re coming to one of these shows, please bring a camera and take some video for the people that can’t see us on this tour! Deal?


We finally heard “Happily Ever After” on the radio! Have you yet?

The song has been added to these stations. Please call & request it!

The Pulse Sirius XM | @siriuspulse

KKPL 99.9 Ft. Collins, CO | @999thepoint 1-888-666-1999

KLLY 95.3 Bakersfield, CA | @953KELLY  1-877-842-KLLY(5559)

KCDA 103.1 Spokane, WA | @1031kcda 1-509-241-1031

KLTG 96.5 Corpus Christi, TX | 1-361-882-5483

WMMM 105.5 Madison, WI | @1055triplem 1-608-281-1055

KMHX 104.9 Santa Rosa, CA | 1-707-636-4-MIX

WAYV 95.1 Atlantic City, NJ | @951wayv  1-609-484-WAYV or text #95487

KPEK 100.3 Albuquerque, NM | @1003ThePeakABQ 1-505-299-7325

KSCF 103.7 San Diego, CA | @radiosophie 1-888-388-1037


You guys are incredible.  This is such an exciting time in our lives- we couldn’t even begin to imagine what it would be like without you.

Love always,


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