Apply for Fan of the Month!

I can not stress this enough, as He is We's fans have increased, our number of applications have dwindled.  I know that plenty of you out there have amazing He is We stories, so you should really apply. Reminders: Good grammar is key.  We can't take the time to fix all of your grammar, and it kind of… Continue reading Apply for Fan of the Month!


New He is We News + Video

First up the Acoustic Session video for And Run:   Next we have news via twitter from a chat session a few days ago.  The release date for the Acoustic recordings is at some point this month (exciting right?).  Also: the next music video is All About Us.   Get pumped!

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April Fan of the Month: Sandra Waldron

Country: United States Age (Optional): 19 Website(s) (ie: Myspace, facebook, Twitter, personal site. etc.)(Optional): How did you first find out about He is We?: I was on a "skype date" with my best friend and boyfriend who lives almost ten hours away from me. He told me to look up "Light A Way", because it… Continue reading April Fan of the Month: Sandra Waldron