Note: We are not He is We

This is posted elsewhere on the site, but as popularity has gone up, I think it’s important for us to remind you that we are not directly affiliated with He is We.

They link to us because we have lyrics, tabs, and post their latest news, but we do not have direct means of contacting them.  The direct methods of contacting them are:

Tweeting @HeIsWe

Currently, we have no means of directly contacting the band for sure, because they really are quite busy.  As such, we really can’t get your messages of where you want them to come to them, because their ability to reply/read everything has gone down.  They love their fans and try to read everything, but the bigger the fanbase, the harder it is to do so.  So use one of the methods above if you really want your message to be sent.

If you want to continue posting about how you want them to come to your city/state/country, feel free to do so, I just think that people should know that we don’t have a way of getting the band a message.

Also: If you want to hang out with them at a show, don’t worry, they still hang out with fans and all of that.  Rachel and Trevor are awesome and down to earth.  Don’t be afraid to talk to them.  I’ve only seen them twice, and haven’t made it out to their last two tours, but I know from stories that I’ve seen that this is still true.  So if you want to get a personal message to them, go to a show.  The band makes money, and you get an awesome show.


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