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Hey Street Team!

We are hitting the road on our very own HEADLINING TOUR! This time it’s “All About You.” We’ll play some new songs, some old songs. We’ll probably take some requests too, so we’re busy brushing up on our Yanni and Pantera covers. is going to be your hub for everything about the tour. We’ll be posting videos CONSTANTLY. Even if we can’t hit your city this time, we hope that you feel apart of our journey. It’ll be like Homeward Bound 3: Cruising USA. Not sure which one of is Chance and which is Sassy. streat teamers, you know the drill…please spread the word. TWEET up a storm using the hashtag #AllAboutYouTour. Look for the tour poster coming super soon!

TONS more info coming soon. We just wanted to make sure you streetteamers found out first!

Check out for info!!

….oh and a free download of “All About Us” Acoustic. 😉

Head to for tickets.

We have a sweet VIP package that includes:

  • Ticket (GA)
  • VIP Meet and Greet
  • Exclusive Photo with Us
  • VIP Only Laminate
  • Personally Autographed Collectible Lithograph

You guys RULE!!


Rachel & Trevor

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