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New tour, website and download!!‏

Hello everyone!

It has been such an incredible journey with you all…and really, we are just beginning. I am so excited to officially announce our first ever headlining tour….the ALL ABOUT YOU Tour (clever, we know)!! PureVolume.com, who has been supporting us since the very beginning, will be hosting a ton of daily content and support along our run. We’re also so stoked to bring out Ocean Grove and Andrew Allen..so please be sure to check them out!

In order to purchase an exclusive package along with your ticket, please go to our new website: www.heiswelive.com. Here, you’ll be able to get tickets before they officially go on sale (THIS WEEKEND!), and receive exclusive merch that Trevor made in arts n crafts…ok just kidding- but there is still some amazing stuff you can get. Head there now!

And last- in support of our ALL ABOUT YOU tour, we just posted the acoustic video of All About Us on our youtube channel (www.youtube.com/heiswetv). And we’re giving the track away on our Purevolume page (www.PureVolume.com/heiswe)!!! We can’t wait to see ya’ll on the road- invite your friends so we can have some serious hang out sessions at Taco Bell. You know the deal by now.


Rachel and Trevor

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