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Pary Moppins review.

What do you get when you put some good tunes with some very emotive lyrics – a really enjoyable album.

Normally, I review albums by artists that I have heard of but this time was different.  I knew nothing about He Is We at all.

To give you a little background on the band:

These two were working in a music store, found each other, and decided make beautiful music together.   Sounds like it could have been the premise of a 90s Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks film.  No wonder their first released track is called “Happily Ever After.”

This album has had a lot of play since its arrival in the mailbox; we have really enjoyed it.  The style of the music is not new but it is current.  I would compare their sound to Vanessa Carlton, Sara Bareilles, and Paramore.  The tunes are so catchy that there should be a warning label advising you that you may experience random moments of bursting into song…although that is an everyday occurrence around here.

We felt that several of the songs would be perfect for movies or commercials.  We made up whole storylines to go with the different tracks.   One thing that recording artists want to be is memorable.  So the fact that they started dialogue, I would say, was a good indicator that He Is We was successful.

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