June/July Fan of the Month: Corin Hacker

We’re having one fan for these two months because I was really slow getting to it this time around, it wont’ happen again. Remember to send your applications to and grammar counts!

Name: Corin Hacker

Country: USA

Age: 14

Website(s) (i.e.: Myspace, facebook, Twitter, personal site. etc.)(Optional):


How did you first find out about He is We?: My friend played “Blame It On The Rain” for me and I have been addicted ever since then.

What is your favorite He is We song and why (i.e.: It have special meaning, you can relate, you just really like the tune/lyrics etc.)?: “Blame It on the Rain” and “Forever and Ever” are both really special to me. I went through the exact same thing that happened in “Blame It on the Rain” with this really special guy, so it’s always had a cool meaning to me. And, I don’t really know with “Forever and Ever”, but there is something about the lyrics that makes me stop every time I listen to it and sing along. I always have it on replay and it is my most played song.

Have you ever seen He is We Live?: Not yet. I want to see them this summer when they play around here. But I plan on seeing them at least once.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Well, I am a dancer, a goalie/midfielder in soccer, and a runner. I am trying to teach myself how to play the guitar because music is such a huge part of my life, and I want to be able to play all of the He is We songs. I love the city, all the fashion, food, and excitement, but there is nothing better than climbing to the top of a mountain and looking at what God created. I am a very religious Catholic, and feel that belief in something greater than yourself can help you get through hard times in life, but I also love that people have a choice and chose to be diverse. I love when people can just be themselves.

Tell me why I should choose you for Fan of the Month?: I know there are some people out there who are probably even more obsessed than me, I would say that I am a pretty big, dedicated supporter. He is We’s music has gotten me through some really hard times. Their music is forever and has a lot of character. I have gotten so many friends to listen and love their music, and I am a huge supporter. I listen to the music daily, and still can’t get enough.

Anything else you’d like to add?: Thank you for always putting out great music! I love it and will always keep listening!

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