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Email from He is We.

Hey Guys-

This has hands down been the best summer ever. We never dreamed the All About You Tour would be as amazing as it was….and as the name implies, we owe it all to you guys. Seriously. We’ll never forget the shows, sing alongs, hangouts and fun. Way better than summer camp….we just need a blob next time ( We have a lot of photos and videos coming soon. Check our facebook ( and website ( for those updates.

Next, we are in the studio RIGHT NOW finishing one of our favorite tracks, “Our July In The Rain.” Look for that this month!

Finally, we have a LOT to share with you guys soon. So excited. There are rumors floating around. Rumors of TOURS, and NEW COLLABORATIONS. Some of them totally true (especially the one about Trevor’s dad being John Travolta). Also, expect a very special guest to join us on a very special song. We’re PUMPED to get back on the road this fall and hang out with more of you.

Until then…


Rachel & Trevor

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