How has He is We changed your life?

I know my life was immediately changed the first time I heard about He is We. I still remember how I learnt of them, and am so thankful. What I love is I not only feel a deep connected to their music, but they make an effort to make real connections to us. Their band name shows this. They are not superior to us. They are equal with us, and they don’t just have a band/fan relationship with us, but you feel like you are their friends.

I made this fansite not long after I found out about them. I just wanted a place to share news bout them, and a place where all their lyrics were. I wanted to share the love I had for He is We in anyway I could. Especially since I’m in Australia, which is so far away from them. I wanted to connect with other fans, and He is We fansite has helped me do that. I have even made friends from it!

This band is so much more than a band to me, & they have given me so much. Thank you Rachel, & Trevor. I love you guys!

1 thought on “How has He is We changed your life?”

  1. I love He is We too, since I know them my life has completely changed, now I really apreciate happiness and love. I’m from Spain and my friends don’t listen to the same music as I do, I’m happy that more people than me loves this incredible band.

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