The Rise and Fall of My Pants Tour Interview: Part 2

Sorry this took so long to put up to anyone who wanted to read this.  Just a lot of stuff going on, but I’m getting around to updating the site now.


He is We Fansite:  After O Holy Night are you guys planning on doing any Christmas songs this year?

Trevor: I would love to.

Rachel: That would actually be pretty bad-a.

Trevor: Yeah that’s actually a good idea.  I love Christmas cheer.

Rachel: what Christmas song?

Trevor: I don’t know

Rachel: *singing* ring-ding-a-ding ring-ding a ding

Trevor: Like Trans-Siberian orchestra, but Rachel won’t sing, she’ll just do the chime voice like that.

He is We Fansite: Are you going to sing Trevor?

Trevor: Never, no what?

He is We Fansite: Didn’t you sing on Radio?

Trevor:  Yeah, I sang.  When we did the old demos and stuff it would be Rachel and I in the studio with our producer late, late in the morning.  Doing  7-11 runs late in the morning, like 4am.  As a joke, Rachel would be doing harmonies and she’s like “Hey, you know what would be funny Trevor?  If you did this and people thought it was me.” And so I would just do it.  But now that we’re in a more professional setting, it’s not the right thing to be like “Hey, I know we’re paying you a lot of money, but do you mind if I like sing or joke around?”

Rachel: I thought it was funny.

Trevor: You might see me as a jokester later, singing a girl harmony or something.

Rachel: Girl harmony?

Trevor: I can sing better in that falsetto range.

He is We Fansite: What is the most surprising song on your MP3 player?

Rachel: Mine would probably be either the For Today record, metal band, or Skrillex the dub-step.

Trevor: I don’t know whose iPod it is, but someone’s iPod in the van has all the old Brittany Spears hits like “Lucky”.

Rachel: That definitely has to be Harrison’s

Trevor: Yeah, on Harrison’s iPod theirs Lucky, and we’ve been listening to it at least two times a day, by my request, because I love that song.

Rachel: It’s a great song.

He is We Fansite: Do you guys have any tattoos and do you plan on getting any/anymore?

Trevor: I’m a pansy, so no.

Rachel: I have three, and I plan on getting more.

He is We Fansite: Anything special about them?

Rachel: They’re all meaningful. One of them is in memory of my youth pastor.  One of them was when I decided I was going to do this band thing, and give up the idea of college, even though it was hard. Finally, I got the tatt0o that represented my relationship with god.  So, there is meaning behind them all, it’s not like “Charlie Brown is kinda cool.”  No tramp stamps.

He is We Fansite: Have you had any weird fan experiences?

Trevor: I’m a weird dude, so I don’t think anything really fazes me.  Like a plunger, if someone gave it to anyone else that would sarcastically say thanks, but I think it’s really cool.

Rachel: Just lately, a lot of kids have been calling me He is We instead of Rachel.  Which has been the coolest…

Trevor: Which is understandable but you’d think it would be just a “Hey you” or something, but instead they just call it He is We.

Rachel: Yeah, my name is Rachel though, so I don’t really respond to it.

HE is We Fansite: What has been your most embarrassing tour moment?

Rachel: Trevor, has a really good one, but I’m not sure if he’ll want to tell it.

Trevor: What one?

Rachel: Relevant to going on stage after eating.

Trevor: Okay, so in Alburqurque, I’m totally open about this one.  So my body is only used to food I’ve eaten before performances, and it’s not like it has to be health food or anything.  Sometimes at venues, they give you food, but you have to eat it before a certain time or else you don’t get food.  So I got these food tickets, and I had to eat beforehand.  Big old juicy burger, it was delicious when it went down.  But I got on stage, and pretty much pood myself.  I didn’t actually go, but I got the sweats on stage, and pretty much had to strip down.  I’m playing the songs super-fast, and just looking over at Rachel thinking “We need to hurry this up.”

Rachel: I didn’t know what was happening to him at all.

Trevor: Instead of moving around, I was just standing still.  Literally get done with the set, throw my guitar down, tell the guys to load my stuff and run to the bathroom.  So now I do not eat two hours before the show, ever again.

He is We Fansite:  I remember at Uncommon ground you guys were saying “Oh My God these potatoes are amazing.”

Trevor:  If it’s stuff like that, it’s fine; I just can’t do a burger or a steak or anything heavy.  Wait, we didn’t do a Rachel embarrassing moment.

Rachel: I don’t have embarrassing moments, except like peeing in the cup.

Trevor: No, you’re right; I’m really the only embarrassing one.

Rachel: As I recall, it was very patriotic.

Trevor: She peed in a cup in Canada, because we were running late for a show in Toronto, and threw it out the window and yelled America. That’s not really embarrassing though, she enjoyed it.

Rachel: I have no shame, now that I’m in a band.

If you could bring any celebrity back to life, who would it be and why?

Rachel: Kurt Cobain.  I think he’d be awesome to sit down and write songs with.

Trevor: Celebrity…. I feel like this is one that takes a lot of thought.

Rachel: Is Charlie Sheen dead yet?

Trevor: No, but he will be.  What? Did I say that? No.  I mean, I could throw a wild card out but I don’t know.

Rachel: Abraham Lincoln

Trevor: Abraham Lincoln, so he could still run the universe.

He is We Fansite: And he’s a vampire hunter, so don’t forget that

Trevor: Really?

He is We Fansite: There’s a book, it’s by the creator of pride prejudice and zombies, it’s Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Trevor: In to this, so Abraham Lincoln is my answer, hands down.

Rachel:  I didn’t even know that

Trevor:  I learn something new everyday

Rachel:  Zing.

He is We Fansite: Jessi really wanted to know, when are you guys coming to Australia soon.

Trevor: we have an international booking agent now, which doesn’t mean we’ll be hitting international seas next month, but it’s a possibility now.  So if fans in Australia hit up our international booking agent with like 400 emails a day, we’ll be there soon.

He is We Fansite:  You guys have a lot of fans in Brazil don’t you?

Trevor: Yeah, so this is a message to all our fans to spam our international booking agent

Rachel: Spam! Spam! Spam!

Trevor: to get us to come to their countries.  I haven’t even met him yet, and he’s going to hate me.

He is We Fansite:  Anything you guys want to say?

Trevor: Thank you.

Rachel: Thank you to you.

Trevor: And to the fans.

Rachel: And we’re worry if our music stuff takes so long, it’s just like, with our July in the Rain and all that stuff, it’s one of our more personal songs, and we want it to be just right, so sorry it took so long.

Trevor: Sorry about no new music, but there will be soon, I promise.


Note: This is before the new EP was released…. so yeah.

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