Crunch Time for He Is We

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By: Ryan | Source: Alternative Addiction

2011 was a year of ups and downs for He Is We. The Tacoma, WA duo had a fantastic start with their album My Forever getting embraced by consumers and critics alike. The Aaron Sprinkle produced effort had a strong debut on the charts and the twosome got a ton of attention. They also had several tour opportunities lined up to get in front of more people and spread their music the hard way.

A big tour for He Is We was going to be a run of shows with All Time Low But after only a few dates on the road they were forced to pull off the tour due to Rachel Taylor’s health issues. Respecting Taylor’s privacy, we won’t disclose Rachel’s condition, but she did say that it was both “frustrating” and “manageable.” The frustrating part has been the lack of being able to go out on the road and play shows.


“Due to my health and my sucky immune system we’ve been pretty much ‘f’d’ with the whole thing not being able to tour as much,” said Taylor in Alternative Addiction’s recent interview with the female vocalist. “This next year is going to be crunch time for us to get out there and keep ourselves busy.”

Crunch time? Possibly. But it’s worth mentioning the support that He Is We has gotten over the past year. Not only are they starting to get some TV placement, they’ve got a dedicated following. Especially when you consider their debut album has only been out for a little over a year. They’ve even got a fan site!  ( A fan page on Facebook, that happens. But a fan site? That just doesn’t happen for young artists anymore. When you’ve got that kind of following, it’s not exactly crunch-time. Still, because of the frustrations of last year, this year’s plan remains the same. Hit the road and play shows. They’ll do that behind their terrific debut album My Forever and behind their newly released Skip to the Good Part EP.

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