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We are more.

Short Summary

My trials and tribulations in my life have been no secret. They have been listened to by many who have had the same struggles. I always felt so alone through my challenges and never saught any help. Until now. I have decided to start a project called We Are More as a way to bring people together. The feeling of shame and disappointment has been taking young lives for far too long and WE need to stop it. This generation is done watching low self esteem and ridicule take the lives of beautiful peers. WE have had enough.

What We Need & What You Get

I have put together a business plan so that I can figure out what exactly it is that we need to launch this organization. My goal is to raise $3500 in the next month. This will cover the purchase of the domain, the orders of merchandise and any other business fees that come up. The merchandise will most certainly be the most costly, but I feel it is of huge importance in order to get the word out. I will have stickers, posters, shirts and wrist bands made immediately. From there I find festivals or bands to tour with. Any money left over will fund the feeding and living arrangements of whoever it is that I decide to send to travel the states and spread the message of We Are More. This person could be YOU.

The Impact

This project is a way to step up and make a real change in today’s world. The internet has been such an incredible source of community and I think we need to really embrace that. Your story can save the life of someone who feels trapped and alone in their own skin. We Are More is just the beginning. The phrase, “We Are More” is an indication that we do not have to fight this world alone. This darkness will pass and we will not be forced to overcome it alone. Even if you don’t feel strong enough to share your story with the world, your belief and passion for this project could influence others to speak yup. WE can be the voice of strength. WE can be the voice of embracing our scars and painful pasts. WE will not let the cycle of suicide and self harm win this battle. We Are More together.

Other Ways You Can Help

You don’t have to be an outgoing or crazy loud individual to have your voice heard. Simply wearing a bracelet, and having people ask questions, can change someone’s heart. Sharing this organization with others who may have a knack for public speaking could be an incredible way to help. If you do not feel called to work directly with We Are More, you can STILL make a huge impact. Simply wearing the merchandise and getting people curious as to what it’s all about can do more good than you’ll ever know. You can plant that seed of curiousity and maybe even a seed of hope.

If you guys would like to donate to the cause go here: http://www.indiegogo.com/WeAreMore

Donating $25 gets you: A sticker with the We Are More logo!
Donating $50 gets you: The We Are More sticker and a signed We Are More poster by your’s truly (Rachel).

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