New He is We Demo / Other Stuff

ImageSo as always, there’s a lot of stuff going on in the He is We camp.  Rachel has been posting lots of stuff on Facebook here and remember you can follower her on Tumblr here.  You can always send a message to her ask box on tumblr too!  

Rachel’s been hard at work working on new music to put on the new record.  If you haven’t checked out her Diamond’s cover yet, you can check it out here, and Rachel uploaded it for free download here.  

She’s posted clips from the studio in NY, and she’s been working with Adam Mitchell who is the guy they recorded the original Old Demos with He is We.

Finally there’s a new clip of a He is We song available here, and the lyrics will be beyond the break for anyone who wants them.

As always if there’s any questions feel free to email us or post on our Facebook page!

You tell me one thing,
then I turn my back
I hear you whispering 
(Lies Lies Lies)

Let’s just shut her up now.
Doesn’t matter what you said boy
(Lies Lies Lies)

You run your mouth throwing words all over the place
be a man now, say it to my face.

I hear you’ve got a secret (hush),
but can you keep it?
I hear you’ve got some regrets (hush),
but we’re not speaking.
You know that secrets don’t make friends (hush).
Don’t you pretend.
I hear you’ve got a secret (hush),
Secrets don’t make friends.

You pride yourself on
love & honesty.
You never loved me honestly.
(Lies lies lies)

(Fade out)


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