13 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey.
    I just recently found out about He is WE about 2 months ago, i can not stop lstening to them!! There amazing and i totally think they should e noticed!!
    I love how you made this site and i am definatly becoming a fan 😉
    Thanks a ton for making it, your awesome!


  2. heeeey, he is we 🙂

    i just wanted to saayy you two are amazingly talented and i enjoy all of your songs ❤
    i really like blame it on the rain , its my favouritee ..and i alsoo enjoy singing it 😛

    anywayyss thats reallyy all from me .
    thankss for inspiring mee !
    brittani. ❤

  3. Hey! I literally just discovered He Is We about two months ago? I was on songkick and was tracking/ checking out the tour dates to some bands and on the side there was a list of bands for the suggestions that i might like. On the very top of that list i saw “He Is We”. I was like, why not? so i checked them out on youtube. To say i was surprised is totally underexaggerating what i though. I wasnt suprised that their music was AMAZING. no, no way. what totally caught me off guard was that it was a girl singing. Lol when i saw their band name was He Is We, i thought it was an all guy band. But w/e i got over that when i kept clicking on all their songs. Theyre completely unbelievably talented. I love them! They inspired me to write again. And i havent written anything in a very very long time.
    The POwer of music, Rocks!

  4. I love He Is We! After I heard about the song ‘I wouldn’t mind it’, I listened to it, and was instantly hooked 🙂

  5. You guys are an AMAZING band. I discovered you guys through my friend, and i’ve helped many other people discover you too. I really do hope you guys don’t go through mainstream, i love the style you guys have now! so real, and i love the lyrics! 🙂 keep up the good work.

  6. So about ten minutes ago i stumbled across He is We on related artists after listening to a Hey Monday song. I started listening to all the songs and I was amazed that I loved every single one! Pretty sure I found my new favorite band…and website!(:

  7. he is we rocks! i really liked their song ” all about us” coz its actually make me think of some guy ❤
    i kept on listening to their songs and it, sometimes makes me cry ,especially the song "kiss it better" and "our july in the rain"
    keep writing good songs 🙂

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