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Check out this awesome article about He is We!

Adam Casey contacted me, showing me an interview he did with He is We a while back. You should all go check it out. It's lovely! Click here to view!


Crunch Time for He Is We

He is We Fansite were mentioned in this article about He is We! Check out part of the article below! By: Ryan | Source: Alternative Addiction 2011 was a year of ups and downs for He Is We. The Tacoma, WA duo had a fantastic start with their album My Forever getting embraced by consumers and critics alike.… Continue reading Crunch Time for He Is We

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Pary Moppins review.

What do you get when you put some good tunes with some very emotive lyrics - a really enjoyable album. Normally, I review albums by artists that I have heard of but this time was different.  I knew nothing about He Is We at all. To give you a little background on the band: These two… Continue reading Pary Moppins review.

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Article: Introducing: He Is We.

There is a new duo blowing up the iTunes Pop Charts! He Is We is an indie pop band from Tacoma, WA. We have their new light hearted single, “Happily Ever After” just for you!   Rachel Taylor (vocals) and guitarist Trevor Kelly have been dominating online media sites. They have gained a huge fan base strictly… Continue reading Article: Introducing: He Is We.