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Preview of a new demo.

Check out this video Rachel posted on facebook. It shows a preview of a song she's currently working on. How excited are you for some new He is We music?

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New Clip from Rachel

Just did a quick little demo of it. Nothing fancy but its in the making. Lyrics: I'm sorry I Seem to have lost my mind That aside Hope is here, but apart of me has died I can't pretend it doesn't hurt Oh the tears I've cried They won't lie Break me down but I'm… Continue reading New Clip from Rachel

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Old Demo’s Downloads.

OK so here is what we've got for ya'll today! This is a collection of all of our OLD DEMOS, appropriately titled "OLD DEMOS"! You can find NEW SONGS, NEW VERSIONS of your favorites and even a HIDDEN TRACK (Download the entire collection to receive the hidden song- it's awesome, we promise)!!! Look at this… Continue reading Old Demo’s Downloads.

Demo, Facebook, New song

Demo clip “Lovey love” on facebook.

He is We have released a demo clip for a song called "Lovey love" which you can only hear on their facebook page! [click here] They also posted... New clip of demo, UP NOW!! (It's called "Lovey Love"). Should we record this for our EP???