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“Hold my Heart” EP lyrics added.

I finally got around to adding all the lyrics for He is We's latest EP "Hold my Heart"! Go check it out here! Please let me know if there are any mistakes! 😊

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He is We is back!

It's been over two years since we've posted an update but we finally have one for you, & it's a good one! HE IS WE IS BACK TOGETHER! Did you cry while watching that? I sure did. They will also be touring, they said this on Facebook: Tour Announcement!!!! We are acoustic, reunited and… Continue reading He is We is back!

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Getting in contact with Rachel.

Ever wonder how you can tell me YOUR story or ask questions? I currently have no access to the so I have created a mailbox just for YOU! It will be used specifically to speak directly to me and for me to speak directly to you! Here it is: Excited to see what… Continue reading Getting in contact with Rachel.