• Are Rachel & Trevor a couple?
    No, they are just friends.
  • Are Rachel & Trevor Christians/Is He is We A Christian band?
    Rachel & Trevor are both Christians, that effects their everyday life, including their songs. But I don’t think they are a “Christian band”.
  • Where did the name “He is We” come from?
    “Its all about relationships with u guys; were all equal and our name helps us to remember that.”
    Rachel: Well that was actually me.
    Trevor: Take it.
    Rachel: Umm, we got our name, uhh it’s about basically, I don’t know, I wanted to make sure that the next music project I did, I don’t know, that we kind of blended in with the crowd and it’s basically about how we’re no better than anyone else and He Is We is basically…it’s like we’re all connected. You know, no one is better, no one is separated as much as you’d like to think that you’re your own person…you’re actually connected to a buttload of people in like a community.
    Trevor: Buttload.
    Rachel: Can I say buttload?
    Trevor: You can say buttload.”
  • Are He is We coming to my town/country?
    I can’t say for sure, but they do plan to tour around the world.
  • Can you send me sheet music/chords/tabs?
    If I had them they’d be on the site already, sorry!
  • Are they single?
    We’re not sure!
  • Did He is We break up?
    They did, but recently they got back together, yay!

Questions that get asked frequently I will post here.

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