A Mess it Grows He is We Lyrics.

I woke up, decided, I’d find my way around this town.
Foolish girl, thought I’d be so lost without her.
Adalesence left to wither, I didn’t have a choice.

It was me or your silly boy,
It was me or your silly boy.

Why, do I, justify,
What you did wrong, to me.

You’re love drunk, you’re blinded,
You’ve lost the ones who love you most.
This liars, on fire,
Melted like wax, a mess it grows.
And you’re the one that chose,
And that’s just how Karma goes.

Why, Do I, Justify,
What you did wrong, to me.

Look at me now,
Look at me now.
Take a look at what I’ve become,
Don’t thank yourself I’m finally someone.
Look at me now.
You raised me well I’ll give you that,
But In my face you surely spat.
Would you look at me now.

Why, oh why.
Why, do I, justify,
What you did wrong to me.

I’m alright,
And I’m alive.
And I’m just fine, without you,
Without you.

13 thoughts on “A Mess it Grows He is We Lyrics.”

    1. I don’t know. The part where she says “You raised me well” made me think it was about someone she looked up to? Plus she says “Why do I justify what you did wrong to me?” People that have been cheated on usually don’t justify, unless they get back with them, and at the end she says “I’m just fine without you”. So it makes me think that didn’t happen.

      It may be about an adult in her life, it could have been a friend. The part where she says “It was me or your silly boy” sounds like some girl in Rachel’s life chose a boy over Rachel’s friendship.

      I have never thought too deep about it, because obviously it has personal meaning to Rachel (I assume it’s about Rachel.) and I feel what she is saying is enough into her private life. Those sort of songs you can take your own meaning from them.

      1. I may have interpreted this wrong, but I think it’s about a maternal relationship rather than a cheating boyfriend. Sounds to me like it’s about her mother. She talks about how she raised her well but she can’t take any credit for who she’s become. It would make sense that “your silly boy” would be her mother’s new boyfriend, and her mother chose the guy over her own daughter. Which would also clarify “you’re love drunk, you’re blinded”. Think of it that way, and listen to the song again. It makes a lot of sense. Just an idea.

  1. I’m really loving this band and all their music. This song in particular is brilliant because I’ve recently cut ties with a long time best friend. Seemed like every guy she ever dated was the one she’d choose over me, and I always tried to “justify it.” And it’s funny because I always told her how she’d help me become who I am and such. So, I really connect with this. I love it. 🙂

  2. when i first listened to this song, it made me feel. because it just explains everything about my mom and my relationship with her. its so really digs in deep for me. i cannot listen to this song without having tears in my eyes. this song is just so amazing.

  3. well, I’ve taken the song a different way. I actually see how your ideas relate to the song! great inferences! I think it just depends on what’s gone on in your life that helps you make your decision on the song. I’ve gone through a lot of stuff with this one guy and it just makes me think that the girl in the song is trying to find herself. she says how the guys a liar yadda yada. then at the end she’s like look at me now I can live without you, your not the one who makes me who I am, I do it by myself and that your fine without him. idk that’s just what I get out of the song and it helps me to get through what I’m dealing with.

  4. Hmm. It sounds like she’s talking about herself and a guy/borfriend. I think she is sometimes referring to herself in a different character. It seems as though she’s had a great bondage with that guy and he screwed up things with her. It took her longer to move on and now she’s trying to prove that she is ok without him. I think he helped her grow into the girl she is now which is why she mentions “You’ve raised me well, I’ll give you that”, because he must have taught her to be strong. He must of had a great influence in her life. She might also feel bad for bad for losing him and the love he gave her. Perhaps he tried to come back to her and show how he was wrong and she didn’t accept, but still kept loving him. Now she thinks she’s lost the one who loved her the most. I think she was talking to herself when the line, “You’ve lost the ones who love you most.”, came up. I’m in this situation right now, so I this is why I interpret it this way, but I do see how this song could be about a family relationship.

  5. I think its about her mom, who chose her boyfriend over her dad and her. She says she’s fine without her because she has others, and she just needed to get it off her heart. She also says that “You’ve lost the ones who loved you most” so her mom lost her dad and her, which loved her most.. So, thats my take on it. But I guess its left to interpret.

  6. Its about a friend who basically ditched her for a boy, I am pretty sure.
    And the spelling error is driving me crazy. **Adolescence. Please fix it =x

  7. I really connect with this song, in terms of my mom AND my dad. I’ve always loved this song but I just now looked at the lyrics and started crying cause I didn’t realize how much it applied to me. I DEFINITELY think it has to do with a parent-child relationship. For instance,
    “Look at me now,
    Look at me now.
    Take a look at what I’ve become,
    Don’t thank yourself I’m finally someone.
    Look at me now.
    You raised me well I’ll give you that,
    But In my face you surely spat.
    Would you look at me now.”

    ^that is definitely about a parent.

    And it reminds me of what my mom always told me: “Living your life well and being someone is the best punishment.” (in terms of my dad)

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