Kiss it All Better He is We Lyrics.

Kiss it All Better He is We Lyrics.

He sits in his cell,
And he lays on his bed.
Covers his head and closes his eyes.
He sees a smoking gun,
And the coward he ran.
And in his arms is the bleeding,
Love of his life.

And she cries,
Kiss it all better,
I’m not ready to go.
It’s not your fault love,
You didn’t know, you didn’t know.

Her hands are so cold,
And he kisses her face.
And says “Everything will be all right”.
He noticed the gun,
And his rage grew inside.
He said “I’ll avenge my lover tonight”.

And she cried,
Kiss it all better,
I’m not ready to go.
It’s not your fault love,
you didn’t know, you didn’t know.

Now he sits behind prison bars,
25 to life and she’s not in his arms.
He couldn’t bring her back with a bullet to the heart,
Of the back of a man and tore his world apart.

He holds onto a memory,
All it is, is a memory.
hey, hey.

He cries,
Stay with me until I fall asleep,
Stay with me.
Stay with me until I fall asleep,
Stay with me.
Stay with me until I fall asleep,
Stay with me.
Stay with me until I fall asleep,
Stay with me.

Kiss it all better,
I’m not ready to go.
It’s not your fault love,
You didn’t know, you didn’t know.

(Kiss it all better.)
Stay with me until I fall asleep,
Stay with me.
Stay with me until i fall asleep,
Stay with me.
(kiss it all better.)
Stay with me until I fall asleep,
Stay with me.
Stay with me until I fall asleep,
Stay with me.

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83 thoughts on “Kiss it All Better He is We Lyrics.”

      1. In the song its about a man and he shoots the love of his life, and he is in jail till death..I LOVE THIS SONG I ALWAYS LISTENTO IT!!<3 Love the meaning!

      2. i personally think that a guy killed her and ran, the guy who loved the girl saw and ran up to her and tried to bring her back and got blamed for it?

    1. Yeah, The guy’s girlfriend got shot, So the guy wanted revenge and killed the guy that shot his lover ❤

      1. that is defiantly what i think happened too!!! but unless we ask he is we i dont think we will know!!

      2. lmbo im stupid i didn’t i totally forgot about the other part that said he would avenged her.. x(

    2. Actually. Its about a man and his love are out on a date and a random guy just shoots the girl then drops the gun and runs the girls lover sits with her as she says”kiss it all better” cause shes not ready to die yet,once she dies the lover noticed. The gun the killer drooped and the guy says ill lover and goes and shoots the killer in the heart and get 25 life for it, stuck there with only memories

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s about a guy who had a girlfriend that was killed.
    Thennn, he killed the guy that killed her.

    “He said “I’ll avenge my lover tonight””

    “He couldn’t bring her back with a bullet to the heart,
    Of the back of a man and tore his world apart.”

    This song is AMAZING.

    1. she says “He sees a smoking gun,
      And the coward he ran.
      And in his arms is the bleeding,
      Love of his life.”

      if he was the coward shes speaking of, the girl wouldnt be in his arms. the coward is the killer.

  2. This is what I get from this.

    “He sits in his cell,
    And he lays on his bed.
    Covers his head and closes his eyes.”

    The man is in jail. He closes his eyes & goes to sleep.

    “He sees a smoking gun,
    And the coward he ran.
    And in his arms is the bleeding,
    Love of his life.
    And she cries,
    Kiss it all better,
    I’m not ready to go.
    It’s not your fault love,
    You didn’t know, you didn’t know.
    Her hands are so cold,
    And he kisses her face.
    And says “Everything will be all right”.”

    He starts dreaming, & reliving the night that his lover got shot.

    “He noticed the gun,
    And his rage grew inside.
    He said “I’ll avenge my lover tonight”.”

    He noticed the gun the other man used to shoot his lover. He is enraged, & decides he will get revenge.

    “Now he sits behind prison bars,
    25 to life and shes not in his arms
    He couldn’t bring her back with a bullet to the heart,
    Of the back of a man and tore his world apart..”

    He got revenge & is now in jail for murdering the man who shot his lover.

    “He was only a memory,
    All it is, is a memory.”

    He wakes up, realising it was just a dream. & is now all just a memory.

    “He cries,
    Stay with me until I fall asleep,”

    He’s asking his lover to stay with him to help him go to sleep.

    So that’s how I see it. Just my opinion.

      1. it is. i didnt get it at first, but it makes alot of sense when i paid attention to it and the movie.

      2. That doesn’t make sense, because the guy (from the movie) didn’t shoot the girls, and the other guy (from the movie) didn’t shoot the “coward.”

  3. One of the better songs off the album for sure. Really nice meaning and its just great.
    One thing though, the lyrics right after the bridge i think it’s
    He HOLDS only a memory,
    all it is, is a memory

    makes more sense since he is dreaming about what happened and he was holding her but now she’s dead so he holds only a memory

      1. yea it its HOLDS but after holds it’s ONTO, so it goes ” HE HOLDS ONTO A MEMORY” the “ALL IT IS IS A MEMORY” 🙂

  4. nah, i dont think it sounds anything like romeo & juliet. he is we is amazing, they always sing of such deep topics. this and ‘too beautiful’ are def two of my favorites

  5. okay so i spent a long time trying to figure this out..
    and what i got out of this was..

    i think that there was a girl, and she had an abusive boyfriend? and he shoots her..
    and theres another guy, and he loves her and she loves him.. maybe best friends?
    and he is the one holding her when she dies.
    so he goes out and finds the man that killed her.. and kills him for revenge.
    and ends up in jail..

    such a beautiful song!

  6. Oh wow, it’s about the Green Mile? That movie was incredible. This song just pulls at my little heartstrings. ;w;

  7. so they said they wrote this song about Green Mile….I just watched it and I don’t see the connection. No one was in the Green Mile for shooting someone that killed their lover. Ha I’m confused. Anyone know?

  8. This song is so beautiful, as is every one of your guys’ songs.
    not gonna lie, this song made meh cry. (:
    yet i hit the replay button on youtube about 83143487878139804714324 times.
    btw, The Green Mile is one of my favorite movies.
    … wow , im speechless . (:

    1. okk that song made me cry too! i listen to it like allllllllllllllllll the time. i always play it and play it and play itt!

  9. its about how the love of his life is dieing in his arms.
    the coward ran and i think when like the people came they thought hes the one who killed her.
    or is serving jail time for her dealth because how could he kill the coward if he doesnt know who it is

  10. This is my favorite song on their album. Makes me cry every time, the chorus just does me in. ❤

    It's definitely a direct translation: girl gets killed, boyfriend kills killer, boyfriend goes to jail…

    Sad…but at the same time, it has a beautiful metaphoric tone as well.

  11. this is my favorite he is we song ever!!!!!!!! i love listening to it. it really helps me! thanks for being there for me!!<3

  12. This is such a good song!!
    It reminds me of this poem that we read in school. It is called “The Highwayman”.

    1. He realizes that he got his revenge and it didn’t change anything, that he still misses her, so he begs her in spirit to stay with him so he can feel some comfort. She literally died, but without her he is figuratively dying every night.

  13. ok i’ll admit i def choked up after i listened to it a few times… at first i didn’t really like it but the more i listened to it the more i connected to the lyrics and the emotions… i just filled in my favorite book character couple and almost cried. btw my fav fictional character couple is rose hathaway and dimitri belikov from vampire academy. read the books and you’ll know exactly what i’m talking about. i read an alternate ending to the book and they used this song to connect with the writing and it was pretty good. it was on fanfic. i totally love this song. she has pretty good vocals too. it’s definitely a super emotional song. and what can i say, i’m a sucker for romance 😉

  14. It’s pretty obvious someone shot the girl, so her man shot the guy for revenge. She begs him to stay with her and spend her las tmoments comforting her, but I wish we knew what she meant by, “It’s not your fault, you didn’t know”?
    Again, obviously he goes to prison for shooting the guy, and realizes it didn’t help much. He still loves her and hurts badly because of her death, so he begs her (in spirit) to stay with him until he falls asleep, to comfort him the way he did for her.

    Definitely one of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard.

    1. Well, when she said, “It’s not your fault, you didn’t know,” she’s probably comforting him, so after she dies, he doesn’t feel guilty, like he could have prevented all of that.
      He didn’t know that she was going to die, and even if he did know someone was out to get her, he couldn’t do much about it, so she doesn’t want him to beat himself up about it.

  15. Jessica Karli: I agree with you up until the end of your analysis 🙂 A ‘memory’ is something that someone actually experienced in the past and is now remembering. Therefore, I interpret the man sitting in jail as the individual who, in reality, killed the person who killed his lover. Thus, like Kate Partain said in an above comment, at the end of the song, he is requesting that the spirit of his lover stays with him until he falls asleep.

    Jaimie: When the dying girlfriend says,’stay with me until I fall asleep,’ I interpret it as a request: She knows she is dying, and wants her boyfriend to stay with her through her remaining living moments. It is ironic, however, when the boyfriend in his cell asks his girlfriend’s spirit to ‘stay with me until I fall asleep’ because he is only falling asleep, not actually dying like his lover did when she made the same request.

    I think this illustrates how his decision to kill the killer was in vain because 1) he lost his lover (which could not have been reversed by killing the shooter) and 2) now has to live with not only the trauma of watching his lover die, but the trauma of taking another person’s life and now having to spend possibly the rest of his life in jail (’25 years to life’). The cycle of life/death came full circle, and no one came out unscathed. 1) Lover died 2) Shooter died 3) Boyfriend in jail for killing girlfriend’s shooter.

    Kate Partain: I also agree with your interpretation of the boyfriend figuratively dying every night in his jail cell. Thus, when he makes the same request to his lover (‘stay with me until I fall asleep’) like his girlfriend did when she was dying, their roles have reversed. He is now the one in need of comfort, and she is the comforter.

  16. This song has a deep and incredibly sad meaning. According to what I’ve heard, this song is about a man and his girlfriend, whom he believes is cheating. He confronts her about it, is enraged, and in his extreme anger he shoots her. He immediately regrets it, runs over, and picks her up in his arms. She is bleeding and dying in his arms, and is pleading with him to ‘kiss it better’, or kiss her goodbye. He sees the smoking gun, and is beyond furious with himself, and incredibly heartbroken. He vows to ‘avenge his lover tonight’, by killing himself. He shoots himself in the heart. But he is saved, and receives 25 to life for his crime, and is left in prison, lamenting his enormous loss. He is left with nothing but memories. Amazing song, beautifully written – thank you He Is We!

    1. Sorry, I know its been a while since you posted this, but I just HAVE to know. Do you still think that’s what this song means? Because I don’t see that in the lyrics anywhere and am wondering if I’m blind.

  17. OKAY GUYS this is what happens:
    Someone shoots this girl for whatever reason, and her boyfriend is freaking out.
    But she’s like, “It’s okay, you didn’t know,” and she wants him to kiss it all better because she doesn’t want to die.
    The guy who shot her, meanwhile, is making a break for it, and her boyfriend grabs that gun and kills him to get revenge.
    That landed him in jail, and this song is about how he misses her.

    I mean, seriously, the lyrics are right up there, just read them and they spell it all out for you.

    1. Dear lord thank you! Someone who gets it. I do not understand why this song is confusing to people. Like the guy above you, has it soooo wrong that it’s literally making me lose faith in humanity’s ability to comprehend.
      It LITERALLY Spells it out for everyone.

  18. I thought that she was gunna kill herself so he got angry all of a sudden and shot her but everyone else’s explanations make WAY more sence

  19. He couldn’t bring her back with a bullet to the heart, Of the back of a man ‘WHO’ tore his world apart.

  20. what happen is the guys love (the girl) was shot by a random man and in the beginning he is having a flashback and he runs up to the girl and the girl is not ready to die and she says kiss it all batter to make her pain go away and the guy who is holding her sees the gun which killed his love and he get extremely angry and goes and shots the man who killed his lover in the back and he get put in jail and he is upset towards the end bc he realized that even though he killed the man who killed his love all he has is a memory because she is still not alive. Beautiful song but so sad 😦 I hope i cleared it up for everyone

  21. I know the song is about someone shot a girl and the guy who loved her shot the guy who killed her… But I’m confused as to why the guy shot the girl? Cuz part of the lyrics are “it’s not your fault, love, you didn’t know” ???

    1. It could be anything- A mugging, a grudge, maybe she didn’t want to have sex with him. But the “It’s not your fault, love; You didn’t know” part most likely means that he just didn’t know. The way I see it, he was busy doing something- Maybe he had just popped into a gas station for something- and when he comes out, he sees her bleeding on the ground and a man dropping a gun- the murder weapon- and running away.
      So yeah. x3

  22. I think that the song is about a boyfriend and girlfriend who were out doing something, when a man came up and shot the girl (possibly a mugging, or an old grudge, we’ll never know ^^; ) before trying to run away. The girl, not wanting to die, is saying ‘Kiss it all better, I’m not ready to go.’ as her boyfriend holds her in his arms, probably trying to find a way to save her. When he realizes its too late, he gives her a last kiss and tells her that everything will be alright (probably meaning that he thinks she’s already in heaven) before noticing the gun that the killer left. Enraged that the one he loves is now dead, he grabs the gun and shoots the killer (who is running away) in the back, specifically into his heart from behind. Now, the boyfriend is in jail for 25 to life for murder (even if the one he killed was a killer himself) As the boyfriend sits in jail, he’s haunted by the memory of that moment and most likely has a nightmare about it. When he wakes up, he realizes that it was just his memory making their way into his thoughts again, so he asks presumably his girlfriend’s spirit to stay with him until he falls asleep, hoping to have dreams about more pleasant things.

    This is just what I think the song is about, so I hope my interpretation didn’t offend anyone

  23. I just listened to an interview with Rachel & she explains the meaning a bit…

    So a couple is out at night walking, & they happen to walk past a place that has just been robbed. The robber is all in a panic, & trigger happy & shoots the woman. He drops the gun. The man hold his lover as she dies. He grabs the gun, kills the robber. & now is in jail.

    I think when she’s saying “It’s not your fault you didn’t know.” She meant like, we were out walking when there was a robbery, you know don’t blame yourself for me being shot. You didn’t know it was happening. Sort of thing.

  24. Here’s the story that the song is portraying: (see lyrics to He is We- Kiss it all Better)
    The song spells everything out for you.
    Coward kills girl, girl sad, Man(lover of girl) holds her, she dies, Man sees gun, Man uses gun to kill Coward. Man in jail for killing Coward. Man sad, Man ask girl(ghost, spirit, memory, whatever) to stay with him until he falls asleep.
    I heard the song once and understood the entire story. you just have to read the lyrics line by line. It’s an extremely easy story to grasp, it spoon feeds you the story.

  25. The thing about songs is each person interprets it differently and there are no words to explain it.

  26. My boyfriend listens to this song all the time.. I’ve come to realize that something very similar to this happened to him in the past and i want to do all i can to help him.. I feel terrible and only wish i could do something to erase his pain.. oh John.. </3 Im very sorry about what happened.. I'll DO my best to BE the best i can for you. I love you with all my heart.. ❤

  27. This song makes me cry every single time i listen to it because if this happened to the love of my life i would fall apart

  28. Okay guys this song is about this guy whos in jail and hes laying there remembering why hes in jail. he thinks back seeing the girl he killed and then he runs off but the girls boyfriend comes up to her and she says to him kiss it all better. and he says stay with me.

    1. I believe you are wrong and might want to look at the progression of the story told in the song a bit more. Man 1’s girlfriend dies, Man 2 (The coward) runs. Man 1 swears vengeance, Man 1 finds Man 2 and “puts a bullet through the heart in the back of the man who tore his world apart” and goes to jail for it.

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  30. I just thought I’d point out the line is ” he couldn’t bRing her back with a bullet to the heart, of the back of the man WHO you’re his world apart. ” It’s who not and. Just saying, it doesn’t even really make sense with the word and instead of who since it’s talking about how the man who murdered her tore his word apart since he killed his love and she was his world probably.

  31. A very sad song, indeed. I really cried when I heard it. My boyfriend asked me what was wrong. I just told him about the meaning and he hugged me…

  32. i think its about a boy and a girl out on a date and then some killer guy shoots the girl and the guy gets very upset when he noticed the gun so he decided to get revenge and he goes and kills the guy who shot his love. he is then in jail for killing the murderer. and he misses his love a lot

  33. this song is simalur to what happened to me, but my girlfriend is still alive in the hospital… they dont think she will make it <:( i will miss her so much

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