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For anyone that's interested I made a He is We Fansite Pin. I make no money from this site at all, but I want to get a proper web host. I have a free one at the moment and I am very limited. So buying the pins will help the website out! If these are popular… Continue reading Merchandise.

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Blame it on the Rain chords.

Here are the chords to "Blame it on the Rain" via :::CAPO 1::::: C G Am You got me caught in all this mess G Am C I guess we can blame it on the rain C G Am C G My pain is knowing i can't have you, i can't have you Fm… Continue reading Blame it on the Rain chords.

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Video: “Pour Me Out”/”Bleeding Love” cover by Proclaiming Cadence.

So i did another mini medley, this time combining "Pour Me Out" by He Is We and "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis. I hope you guys like it!!! *hit me up on myspace!!!: **HE IS WE: thanks....leave comments. gimme tips, feedback, whatevs!!! -Kasey"