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Rewrite the Scene review ‘My Forver’.

Out of Tacoma, Washington, emerges a beautifully balanced chemistry of lyrically impassioned vocal melodies paired with simple, heartfelt, and tasteful songs. The major-label debut by HE IS WE, entitled “My Forever”, is a blend of cozy, sunny day songs, with noticeable amounts of smiles and love. The majority of the songs have the uncanny ability… Continue reading Rewrite the Scene review ‘My Forver’.

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“My Forever” Review.

Author's Rating Vocals 8.5 Musicianship 8 Lyrics 7 Production 8.75 Creativity 7.5 Lasting Value 7.5 Reviewer Tilt 9 Final Verdict: 80% Member Ratings Vocals 9.5 Musicianship 9 Lyrics 9 Production 9 Creativity 8.5 Lasting Value 10 Reviewer Tilt 10 Average: 93% He Is We – My Forever Record Label: FrameworkNY Release Date: November 23, 2010 Rachel… Continue reading “My Forever” Review.

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“He Is We to release new album and tour” Interview.

Alt-pop duo HE IS WE disagree about how much pressure was on them while they put together their much-anticipated debut album MY FOREVER. "It wasn't hard at all," explains vocalist Rachel Taylor. "We chose the songs that we felt would represent us the best!" The other half of the duo Trevor Kelly, counters, "Not necessarily.… Continue reading “He Is We to release new album and tour” Interview.