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First Stream from “My Forever”: And Run.

Hello everyone! As you all may know, we will be releasing our new album, "My Forever", online 11/23! You can hear a full stream of the first song on our Facebook page! It's called "And Run!" ( There is also a trailer for our album on YouTube. Check it out! We like being ridiculous, sorry 🙂 (… Continue reading First Stream from “My Forever”: And Run.

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Email from He is We.

Hello all!!! Soo october will be an exciting month for us. Why? Because we will be touring throughout the US (and some of canada!..whaaat) supporting The Rocket Summer!! We're even playing a show with Yellowcard! This will be an acoustic tour leading up to our ALBUM RELEASE. We know, we know- we've been talking about… Continue reading Email from He is We.