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Video: Blame it on the rain acoustic.

He is We have released a video of them performing and acoustic guitar version of "Blame it on the Rain". [Link]


T-shirt design Contest winners!

Hey everyone! So ALL (and we mean ALL) of the designs we're incredible. We have some amazing ideas of what to do with them... we seriously can't let them go to waste (I think we all can agree!!). Possibly turning some of them into posters, tshirts in the future, EP covers, soo many ideas. But… Continue reading T-shirt design Contest winners!

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Video: “Happily Ever After” cover by He Is We by LnKBabi.

One of my younger cousins, Alexa, became a great person to talk and share music with. When I heard this song, I automatically fell hook, line, and sinker for the words. They're just vibrant with truth! When I found out the chords, I became really busy, so there was no way I was able to… Continue reading Video: “Happily Ever After” cover by He Is We by LnKBabi.